Thursday, November 19, 2009

Adoption Orientation Meeting

After choosing an adoption agency, the first step in our adoption process was to attend an orientation in which the caseworkers give us a quick overview of the entire process, the steps that are involved, and the requirements we have to meet. They try to answer general questions and help us become more familiar with adoption. Adoption is not an easy road to take, yall!

They told us about Families Supporting Adoption and their chat nights in which they discuss particular topics relating to adoption. They go more in depth about all kinds of things and what to expect.

We've been to this orientation meeting twice now. The first time was back in February. At the first meeting, I felt good... but Zay felt like we needed to wait. So we did. Then I graduated from BYU, we moved to a better apartment, we talked about adopting some more, and then we went again at the beginning of this month. It wasn't required for us to attend again, but we thought it would be a good refresher on what we were getting ourselves into.

Somehow this time around it felt much more focused on the financial requirements than anything else - something Zay's been having some reservations about. I kept thinking, "Oh geez - just what Zay needed to hear!" Most guys tend to be like, "Okay - how much is this gonna cost me?" So part of me worried that he would hear the numbers and think it would be impossible for us to pull it off. But in reality, I think it was a good wake-up call for us to do better with our savings... and something we both needed to hear, despite my disappointment that we suddenly didn't feel on the same page anymore. But we left with a thick packet of paperwork to fill out - something we're still working on a week and a half later! So, despite some concerns, I feel like the process has officially begun.

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