Sunday, November 15, 2009

LDS Family Services

After deciding that we wanted to adopt, we knew we wanted to adopt domestically (within the United States) and it was pretty much a given that we wanted to use LDS Family Services as our agency. They are the adoption agency that our Church runs. Basically, we chose them for two reasons - cost and comfort.

COST: When couples are really anxious to get a baby within a very short time frame and have a lot of resources available to them, they tend to go to many different agencies and pay non-refundable application fees for each one of them. I'm not trying to rack up $100,000 worth of debt in my quest for children. That wouldn't be good for us OR the baby we'd eventually bring home. And not very smart for our situation. Also, LDS Family Services is relatively inexpensive (although it is a private agency that only works with couples of our faith). I'd rather the process take a little longer if it will save me a ton of money. I don't like the idea that the more you spend the faster you can adopt a baby, but unfortunately adoption in many ways has become a business. It's obvious there needs to be some adoption reform in America.

COMFORT: Both Zay and I are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We like the way the Church operates and we feel comfortable going through a Church-owned adoption agency. It's the same reason I came to BYU (Church-owned University) - to be comfortable. I don't have to explain my beliefs to most people and that's cool. I like that. I understand though that I may have to explain them to a birth mother who is not familiar with the LDS faith. I'm cool with that too. Anyone, whether they are LDS or not, can place their baby for adoption through LDS Family Services. And there's branches of the agency in every state, not just in Utah.

Our caseworker thinks that most likely we will be adopting out of state and traveling expenses are up to us to cover, so we're preparing for that!

To find an LDS Family Services closest to you, do a search on their Contact Us page HERE.

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  1. I'm so glad you finally started a blog!! I admire you so much for wanting to adopt, too. It's such a special thing. Keep us updated on everything goes! :)


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