Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

When Zay was being taught by the LDS missionaries back in Georgia, it took a little while before he converted and was baptized. I was there by his side, but I didn't want him to convert solely based on me and what I wanted. That wasn't the point. He was smart about it and took his time... really thought it out. Missionaries moved around and got assigned to different areas, but there were a few who stood out and really made an impact on Zay and he remembers them to this day.

One missionary, Dustin, was one of the last missionaries to come through before Zay got baptized. We loved Dustin! He helped Zay so much and really connected with him. His family was from Utah, so when Dustin heard we were moving out here, we were immediately invited to Thanksgiving dinner at his parents' house. We met his family and they were so welcoming and we felt like we had known them for years. This year has been the 6th year we've spent Thanksgiving with their ever-growing family. Dustin got married, so we got to meet the wife and her family... and then they had a little girl... and now she's pregnant again! It's been fun being an honorary member of their big, loving family. Families like his make me want to create a huge, loving, supportive family of my own. I pray I can have that one day.

It's been so amazing to have this family reach out to us and take us in as their own. We don't have any extended family within a 2000 mile radius. So, we've created a network of people here who love us. I'm so grateful for that!

Here's a really good video our Church put out about living your life full of gratitude...

Video of "In the Spirit of Thanksgiving":

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