Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Being Primary Teachers


Quick explanation for my non-LDS readers out there: Each member of the LDS Church is assigned to a congregation based on where you live and each member is given a responsibility or "calling" within that congregation. Some callings have more responsibility than others, but all are supposed to be seen equally in importance and carried out reverently. Even the leader of each congregation (the "Bishop") is a volunteer position or calling, not something you seek out really. You can deny a calling, but I'm pretty sure the vast majority of members accept their assignment humbly as a position the Lord wants them to take, contribute to the congregation, and learn from it. When you move and change congregations, you get a new calling. They also rotate them out every once in awhile - it's not a lifetime gig.

I've never had a calling at Church that I absolutely fell in love with. I think that has changed! Zay and I were called together to teach the 4-7 year old Primary (Sunday School for kids) class. That sounds like a big deal, but so far there have only been two kids in our class - two girls who are sisters. Ha ha. There's not too many "older" kids (older than babies) in our branch. But I love that the class is so small and we can interact with the girls on such a personal level. It's much easier than having a large Primary class. I especially enjoy not having a bunch of rambunctious boys running about uncontrollably. Girls are much easier to handle. And I love these girls to death! I actually saw them walking with their parents when I was leaving Walmart earlier today and the older girl screamed "HEY! HEY! HEY!" at me. Ha ha. She was so excited to see me, but I don't think she remembered my name! It was so cute, and I enthusiastically waved back to her. It made my heart feel so good! Ha ha. I can totally see how teachers can bond with their students.

Zay is so precious when he gets around kids. You should just see him! He's a teddy bear. He's always told me that if he had his way, we'd have 13 little daughters. Ha ha. He does so well teaching and making things fun. Every once in awhile, he busts out a magic trick just to keep the girls' attention. He's so silly! He's been learning how to make balloon animals, so the girls are gonna have to watch out for that! Ha ha.

One of the main reasons that I love working in the Primary is because of what it's teaching me. I love learning the basics of the Gospel all over again, the way a child learns them. They're so simple and pure... Faith, Love, Service, Repentance, etc... So beautiful! I don't think the girls realize how much we get out of the lessons as their teachers. God is the ultimate teacher and I really think He uses our humble attempts to teach to uplift all of us.

I also love the practice. One day we'll both need to explain simple truths to our own kids. It's preparing us for parenthood. Since we obviously have more time to prepare than most (BIG sigh...ha ha), we might as well be preparing as much as we can. And I'm sooo enjoying it! :)

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  1. Lucky! My favorite calling would be serving in primary as a teacher or even in nursery. I love love love little kids! They put me in RS as the rs meeting (enrichment) counselor instead.


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