Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Lights in Salt Lake City

It's a common tradition for folks in Utah to go see the "lights at Temple Square" during the Christmas season. It's our 6th Christmas spent here, but this is the first year we actually got up there to see them. They were so pretty! But for some reason we picked THE most bitter-cold night to do it! Geez! We went with a friend of Zay's and his singles ward (congregation full of single people - or what some people jokingly call a "meat market" because everybody's trying to get hitched... ha ha ha). They fed us chocolate (mmmm...) and we toured around as a group. It was great. Mainly I just liked having an excuse to cuddle so close to Zay in public... I am pro-PDA, by the way. Ha ha! :)


mini model of Jerusalem

Nativity Scenes

floating candles

SLC temple at night

The only pic we got of ourselves. It. was. so. cold. I think I'll put up my own Christmas lights next year and call it good, ha ha.

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  1. We went to the DC temple a few weeks ago to see the lights. They were beautiful but nothing can be SLC lights! Merry Christmas!


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