Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Baby Mama"

Photo: www.babble.com

We've recently made friends with a couple who lives nearby and goes to Church with us. Over the years we've realized that that's what married couples do - make friends with other married couples. Ha ha. Well, the wife is pregnant, so while Zay and the husband play basketball on Tuesday nights... we girls like to gab about all things baby. I told her about our plans for kids and she told me about her experience being pregnant. Those type of things. I'm fascinated by all of it.

At one point she brought up the movie "Baby Mama" and thought I'd like it, so we ended up hanging out late that night at their apartment watching it. It was a TRIP. Ha ha. It's a comedy about a well-to-do infertile woman who tries and fails at getting pregnant through in vitro fertilization, so she decides to use a surrogate. The surrogate mother is this hilarious white trash type of girl (my kinda person!) who cracked me up the entire movie. She actually reminds me of a friend of mine back in Georgia. Ha ha. My favorite is when she can't get the baby-proofed toilet seat open, so she pees in the sink. Ridiculous.

Under all the humor though, it really dealt with some tough issues that got me thinking. Personally, surrogacy is sketchy to me and I don't think I could handle all the complex emotional issues that would come with another woman carrying my biological child. That actually kind of creeps me out. But I can see why some women would do it. I can't tell you how I'll feel if I was ever in that position, but right now I'm saying I would never get a surrogate to have my baby for me.

The same with doing in vitro. I don't like the idea of creating a baby in a lab. Period. If you remove the process that naturally makes babies - ummm, sex - from the equation, it just makes the creation of that life seem sterile and cold. I don't know. It's hard to think about and I couldn't say for sure how I'd feel if that was my only option. That's just my initial reaction to it right now.

So, I guess what I'm saying is that there are amazing ways to make it possible for women to have biological children. I'm not knocking the women who do it - more power to them. I just feel like I couldn't handle the complexity of Assisted Reproductive Technology. Anything past medication scares me too much. Hmmmm, we shall see.

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