Monday, December 21, 2009

There Was No Room in the END


Speaking of being Primary Teachers... man, do kids say and think the darndest things. Ha ha.

Last week in sharing time (where all the Primary classes come together to sing songs and have a short lesson all together), the kids were being taught about the stories of Jesus. They got to the Christmas story. The teacher asked, "Now where did Mary and Joseph have to go when they came to Bethlehem?" She was looking for "stable" and was holding a picture up of the Nativity. The kids looked confused for a moment and then one girl yelled out, "The hay house!" Ha ha ha. Close!

Our Christmas program was today in Sacrament meeting. The Primary kids got to sing some songs. It was sooooo cute! One boy acted like he didn't want to sing, looked at all the other kids singing, and then yelled, "This is awesome!" into the microphone. Another boy started singing louder... almost like he was trying to drown him out! Ha ha. They did surprisingly well, though. The second boy even sang a duet of "Away in a Manger" with the sharing time leader. All by himself! It was the cutest thing!

A guy I used to work with told me a story about how when he was little his dad would always struggle trying to keep him quiet in church. One time he just couldn't sit still, he couldn't take it anymore. He jumped off the pew and ran out of Sacrament meeting, but not before yelling, "I hate church and I hate Jesus!" Ha ha ha ha. Wow.

I was talking to my brother once about things that we used to think and say when we were kids. One story that sort of became a legend in our home ward (congregation) was when he was being loud and rambunctious during a very quiet moment in Church, so my dad reached across two or three of us kids to grab a hold of the back of Josh's neck. He gave him a gentle squeeze just to get his attention, but Josh yelped and said, "Daddy! You're CHOKING ME!" Everybody turned to look! It was a trip. I'm sure my dad was even more embarrassed than when my brother was just being loud. Another time, me and Josh got into an argument and for some reason he tried to end it by yelling at me, "I bet you don't even believe in God!!" Umm... what was that all about?? Ha ha.

And for me, there's a couple stories that stick out in my mind. I remember that I incorrectly learned the lyrics to the Primary song "Book of Mormon Stories." They have little hand gestures to go along with the song to make it fun and help you to remember it. At the very end, the lyric is "righ - teous - ly"... fold one arm, fold the other arm over it, and bow your head. I could have sworn that it was "right - to - sleep" and that's why we were laying our heads down. Ha ha. Another time, my mom was reading the Christmas story to all the kids at Christmas time. Obviously, I'm like 4 or 5-years old and I have no idea what an "inn" is. Maybe I would have recognized the word "hotel"... but definitely not "inn." When she read that part of the story, this is what I heard: "There was no room for them in the END." I just sat there with my mouth hanging open, trying to comprehend this deep, philosophical idea about there being no room in the END. I started freaking out a little bit. There's no room for Jesus in the end?! *tears* I imagined something like the end of the world where nothing existed anymore and there was nothing but a big black hole. And no room for Jesus. Confused my little soul! HA HA.

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