Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm Never Watching "House" Before Bed Again


I have always been a sleeptalker.

Zay either thinks it's funny and tries to hold a conversation with me or he just ignores me and tells me to go back to sleep. Ha ha. Every once in awhile I'll sleepwalk, but I usually just end up using the bathroom and coming back to bed and that's it. No one would even know I was sleepwalking unless they try to interact with me and I freak out on them. (It's been known to happen!)

My mom tells a story about her sleepwalking, opening the front door, going outside, and getting into the car... before the cold car seat woke her up. My dad (this was a really long time ago, by the way) got up and saw that the front door was open, so he closed it and locked it and went back to bed. So my mom was left outside in her underwear! First of all, how scary would it be to wake up and find yourself in the car? What if she had driven off somewhere?! And two, I guess I know where I get my sleep-disruption from.

One of my brothers did a little sleeping-walking when he was younger too. I've heard stories about him peeing in a laundry basket, going outside and peeing, and washing his tennis shoes in the toilet. Ha ha ha. For some reason, all his stories are connected to urine... Lol.

I've had some really funny sleepwalking/talking experiences, but I have never hallucinated before! And I blame it all on staying up until 2:00 in the morning a few nights ago watching a creepy episode of "House." Does anyone know the episode I'm talking about? The end of Season 2 when Dr. House gets shot and he's in shock and can't tell the difference between his hallucinations and reality? Yeah, that one. It really screwed me over. I was sleepy when I was watching it and it was crazy messing with my mind. I went to bed when I realized I was exhausted. I fussed with Zay about what side of the bed I wanted to sleep on (I was really tired, ha ha), so he went back out to the living room to watch TV. He ended up falling asleep on the couch... and I was knocked out within 2 seconds.

Okay, so there I am dead asleep (usually I have a hard time falling asleep if Zay isn't beside me)... but I suddenly jerk awake when I hear some kind of *tinking* noise across the room. *tink, tink, tink* over and over again. I looked over at the other side of the bed and saw that Zay wasn't there, so I looked in the direction of the noise... and there he was! He was a bulky figure standing across the room, staring at me. He looked like he was hunched over, ready to attack me or something. He had two long florescent light bulbs... one in each hand... and he was *tinking* them together over and over again, menacingly. I thought to myself, "He's mad that I didn't let him sleep on this side of the bed and now he's about to break a light bulb over my head!" I started yelling at the figure, "Zay! Zay! ... Zay, what are you doing?! ... Answer me! ... Okay, Zay - you're really freaking me out! ZAY!" When he wasn't answering, I thought maybe he was hurt or something. "Zay! Are you okay? What's wrong?! Zay, answer me - you're scaring me!" ...

I heard a faint answer from the living room. I heard Zay mumble, "Huh?" And I immediately realized that Zay had fallen asleep on the couch and he was still in the living room. The figure wasn't Zay! So, I freaked out EVEN MORE. I screamed, "Zay! Oh my gosh! Come here! Somebody's in the bedroom!" ...

And then, all of a sudden... I woke up and my eyes adjusted to the darkness. I must've scared myself awake. It was a friggin IRONING BOARD that I was looking at. And the cats were running around the bedroom playing with something they found that made a *tinking* sound. Wow. I was so embarrassed that I had just been yelling like a maniac, and even more embarrassed that I had actually HALLUCINATED and saw an imaginary person trying to kill me with a couple of florescent light bulbs. I came out to the living room and explained it to Zay. He just said, "Mmm hmm," and went back to sleep - he's so used to it.

Well, 2009 was a year of firsts. It was also the year that I fainted for the first time in my life. GEEZ. But that's another story. :)

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