Sunday, January 24, 2010



I'm sure everyone wants to know that I should be starting my period in the next couple days or so. HA HA.

But it's important! This is the 2nd most important time in my cycle (next to ovulation...or I wouldn't have a "cycle" at all). :)

Because these are the days that I get the most hopeful... and then (so far) the most disappointed. My hardened, hopeless attitude towards the whole me-getting-pregnant thing starts to really loosen up around this time. And I'm NERVOUS! It's a potentially important time and that just gets me all jittery with excitement. It's hard to stay hopeless all the time. I just can't help it. I try to prepare for the most likely inevitable disappointment of Aunt Flow paying a visit... but it's hard not to think, "Just maybe it worked this time!"

We'll see. Until then, I'll just torture myself by looking at pictures of pregnant bellies that aren't my own (like the one above). Ha ha. The two-week-wait makes you do crazy things.

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