Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adoption Progress: Getting Our Physical Exams

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Zay and I went to a family doctor here in Orem to get our general physical exams done. It didn't take very long. All he could really do was ask us our medical history and do a few brief checks of our heart, lungs, glands, etc. And take a urine sample. We were in and out pretty quickly.

We're both apparently in excellent health, despite my PCOS and Zay's weight - he's joining me on my get-in-shape goal, we're gonna get buff together. :) I'm not quite sure what the doctor could have discovered that would have disqualified us from adoption, but it's part of the requirements... so, I'm glad we got one more step done. Yay for progress!

Our doctor talked to us a little bit about the orphans in Haiti and how we should look into that. He's planning on volunteering his doctoring services in Haiti for a week. I definitely will think about it if it's a viable option. It's hard for me to think about all the little children who have nowhere to go. :( I wouldn't rule out adopting internationally, but as of right now I'm just not sure how things will go. And we are pretty set on domestic adoption through LDS Family Services. I'm sure things will unfold the way that they are meant to - I just don't have a clue yet.

I'm feeling much more open to different scenarios as time goes by, though. When I first thought about adoption, I wanted a baby who was no older than 3 months old, black, male, and completely healthy. I figured if I could hand-choose, why shouldn't I be specific? But the selfishness of those thoughts is slowly wearing off. I honestly don't care about gender anymore. Not too much about race either, although I still would prefer black or black mixed with something else. And as for age, I feel like I wouldn't have trouble bonding with a baby who was up to a year old. Maybe this gradual change is helping me to be prepared for something. :)

Whatever happens, I'm excited for the future!

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  1. Yes, we lived in University Studios! Haha! Also, my friend Lila just adopted two kids from Haiti this past summer! Her blog is casadeking.blogspot.com. I'm sure she would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about it, too! :)


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