Friday, January 15, 2010

Sledding at Rock Canyon Park

I've been sledding twice this winter so far. I'm waiting for it to snow really heavy again. The snow that's out there right now is not fit for sledding, but we tried to do it anyway (meaning I tried and Zay sat in the car in the heater). The snow has slightly melted and then re-frozen into a super slick icy surface that no normal person can climb back up, unless you had metal-spiked cleats on and one of those mountain-climber ice picks to help pull you up. Craziness.

But, we went and took my little sledding buddy with me. His name's Justus. His mom for the most part just watched from the top of the hill, because there was no way her shoes would make it back up. The funny thing is that she caved and decided to sled down once, but then it took her about 10 minutes and the help of a random stanger to pull her back up. Ha ha. I think there were two or three times when I finally dragged the sled all the way back up the hill ... and then I slipped and let go of the sled. I watched it go for a lonely joyride all the way back down. Wow. That's upsetting. Ha ha ha. I ran back after it, slipping and sliding all the way down. The "going sledding" thing was fun overall, but far less time was actually spent on sledding.

When we were all tired of fighting with the elements, we trudged back to the car (where Zay was nice and toasty and shaking his head at our craziness). When I was at the very top of the hill, I dropped the keys that were in my pocket. I looked down at the keys on the ice and thought to myself, "Wow. I could've dropped those anywhere up and down that hill. Thank goodness they're just now falling out of my pocket." I was glad I hadn't lost them. I picked them up and the next thing I remember was that I was getting excited about taking a couple pictures before we left. We did, and then left. We got dropped off at our apartment ... and whoops, where are the keys? I searched frantically in my pockets for the keys while we're standing in the freezing cold right outside our door. Ha ha. (I laugh now, but it wasn't funny at the time.)

We had to call and get our ride to come back and let us use her car to drop her off where she was headed, and then drive all the way back to the park and back again - it was like 45 minutes of driving. Since I had that vivid memory of dropping my keys after we were done sledding, I knew that they could only be in one place - I spotted the keys in about 2 seconds - right next to the rock where we were taking pictures. I don't know if I managed to drop them a second time out of my pocket and not hear them hit the ground, or if I was so excited about pictures that I never put the keys in my pocket to begin with and just threw them on the ground in excitement. Hmmm... the second one sounds about right.

Anyways, it was a loooooong day.


Me and Justus. I just realized how lumpy I look when I've got 3 jackets on. Ha ha.

Scared to leave the rock without getting someone to hold his hand first. Cute! I don't blame him.


  1. Remember when we went sledding together and Zay was going so fast he hit that parked car and almost got stuck underneath it? I'm not surprised he didn't want try that again. Glad you found your keys!

    1. That was so funny. Come back to Utah and let's go sledding again! There's tons of snow! :)

  2. I broke my arm once at Rock Canyon Park! Maybe you didn't want to know that though...


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