Monday, February 22, 2010

Background Checks: DONE

Zay admitted to me that he has been apprehensive about the whole adoption thing... ever since we actually started the process. He was fine with the idea in theory, but actually doing it scared him a little. He doesn't like the idea of people being able to tell us "no". He's not one to get his hopes up about anything and he's definitely not a risk-taker. To him, this all feels like a "risk". So, that's pretty much why he's been slow-poking about everything. I wish he knew how much he deserves this opportunity (opportunity, not risk).

BUT, his apprehension has slowly been fading away and I don't even have to pressure him to do things as much! That makes me happy, because this is supposed to be a mutual decision and I don't want to think that I made him do something. He's coming around. And he's such a softie. I know once a child is in his arms, he's just going to melt.

We went up to Taylorsville this morning and got our background checks and fingerprinting DONE. We were going to do it last Monday, but for some reason somebody decided to make it President's Day! No one told me! Ha ha. But Monday is the only day of the week we both have the time to get things done together, and today was the day that we actually got it done. They've sent our info and fingerprints to the FBI (scary...ha ha) and we signed waivers so that the Bureau of Criminal Identification can release any information to LDS Family Services as needed.

I also spent hours yesterday and today, searching through stacks and stacks of papers - papers that haven't even been touched since the last time we moved. And I found Zay's birth certificate that I was looking for! And it's a certified copy! I was so excited! My mom mailed me a certified copy she had of mine, so I was able to check those two things off the list.

I'm requesting a copy of our marriage license through the mail (I sent off for it today) and then that's the LAST thing - for real this time - that we have to do to be finished with our preliminary paperwork. Thank. Goodness. I'm going to be super excited when it comes in the mail. I'll do a little happy dance and then take myself down to LDS Family Services to turn all this mess in.

I made copies of every single thing adoption-related to keep in my filing cabinet and also made sure I had all the receipts in a file for adoption-related expenses. Everything's organized and that makes me so happy!

This is exciting! I like making progress. Yay!

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