Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Our" Songs

Valentine's Day is coming up! A lot of people may think Valentine's Day is shallow or whatever. And that's fine. I get it. But for me, I love celebrating anything, so it's just another fun day for me. :)

For me, it's a great time to remember the first feelings that attracted me to my hubby. Time can make you forget exactly how it felt. The easiest way that I can take myself waaay back and remember how Zay and I fell in love all those years ago... is to listen to "our" songs. Music is powerful and can change my mood *just like that*. I try to remember to put these songs on when I'm mad at him! Ha ha ha.

The early years...

Anyways, we have two songs that bring us right back to the very, very beginning of our relationship. We listened to these songs so much that they just became a part of who we were at the time. I don't know when they became "officially" ours, but they definitely hold a special place with us and describe the young, angsty love that brought us together. Ha ha. My heart is just beating so hard right now listening to them. Memories are rushing back... *blushing*

First is Jon B. & 2Pac's "Are U Still Down?" Jon B. was one smooth white boy, I can tell you that. He was something else in his day - a real smooth talker (like Zay...ha ha). This was back when R&B music really had soul. And 2Pac's verses are just icing on the cake. Gotta love 2Pac.

I looked up this video last night - it was actually the first time I've ever seen it. It's super corny, but the Cool Relax album was amazing, I promise. Ha ha.

"Are U Still Down?" Music Video:

Then, we have Ginuwine's "Differences." This song came out the year we met. It hit on every aspect of a man leaving his friends for his woman and changing him for the better - exactly how Zay would describe our relationship in the beginning. I love it. The words are amazing. And of course, Ginuwine is one of the sexiest men on the planet. So that helps too! :)

"Differences" Music Video:


  1. I love how all the voice, instaments and everything blend to make one sweet sound. Nice.

  2. Nice! I haven't listened to R&B for looooong time. Thanks for participating in WW Alice Anne!

  3. Yay!! Another person with an R & B preference!! I played this for my husband because, well, that's how we roll!

    Like you, I need to remember to play our love songs when I'm mad. ; )


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