Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV and My Top 10 Commercials

It's a requirement that I watch the Super Bowl every year. Which is cool - I like football, even though I hardly ever watch it during the season. And the commercials can be fun. And since Zay's proud of his ridiculously huge TV/entertainment center... he has to invite everyone in the world to our apartment to watch it. Ha ha. We had 22 people packed in here. We ran out of seats eventually and a lot of people just stood or tried to find two feet of empty space on the floor. It was great. One day we'll have a big enough space for the parties we throw, ha ha. :)

Zay and I spent Saturday and Sunday making all kinds of food - BBQ wings, hot wings, hamburgers, hot dogs, chilli, cornbread, potato salad, 7-layer-bean dip & green chile dip to go with like 5 different bags of chips. We had soda and juice. Mmmmm.....foooood. Somebody brought shells-n-cheese and brownies too.

My brother and sister-in-law came too... and let me tell you, she is so fun and talented. For any event, she just has to bake a cake or something. She made this football cake for the Super Bowl:

Superbowl football cake

And she made this amazing Superman birthday cake for Zay last year:

"Black Superman" birthday cake

She's so talented! And creative. I totally wanna be like her. :)

As for the game, it was pretty good. I think I expected more out of the Colts, but I was proud of the Saints for pulling it off. I was secretly rooting for them to win all along, but out loud I told people I was rooting for former BYU star Austin Collie from the Colts. Actually, I wouldn't have cared that much if either team had won. It was just fun to watch and be with friends and family.

There were a few good commercials and a couple movies I want to see. Here's my top 10:

#1 - Bud Light - T-Pain Autotune

#2 - VolksWagon - Green Police

#3 - Snickers - You're Not You When You're Hungry

#4 - Doritos - House Rules

#5 - McDonald's - LeBron James & Dwight Howard

#6 - Motorola - Megan Fox

#7 - - Casual Friday

#8 - VolksWagon - PunchDub

#9 - Movie Trailer - Shutter Island

#10 - Movie Trailer - Robinhood

Youtube won't let me embed this trailer, but you can watch it HERE.

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