Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Latest Obsession: American Idol Season 9

Photo: www.rickey.org

I don't know why I love American Idol so much. Something about the voting, the drama, the shock eliminations, the rooting for the underdog, the discovering of new talents, the trainwreck performances, the contradictory judges advice, the cheesy themed weeks... maybe all of the above. It's just good television, in my opinion.

I've been following pretty faithfully ever since Season 4... when my all-time-favorite Carrie Underwood won! It's much harder for me to predict the winner of American Idol than it is for me to pick the winner of SYTYCD, so that always makes it extra exciting. Season 5 I picked Chris Daughtry (4th place), Season 6 I picked Blake Lewis (2nd place), Season 7 I picked David Cook (woo-hoo! got one right!), Season 8 I picked Adam Lambert (2nd place) (although I was sooooo in love with Anoop Desai). So, for the most part I have a history of picking who SHOULD have won. Ha ha. Not necessarily who DID win. But I always end up loving the winner anyway. I saw Season 5's winner Taylor Hicks at the Stadium of Fire in Provo. I went to see the AI6 tour and saw winner Jordin Sparks at a concert in Orem. I think Season 7's winner David Cook and Season 8 winner's Kris Allen are pretty amazing too. So, it all works out in the end.

So far this season, I've had a hard time readjusting to the lack of Adam Lambert-like presence on the show. His voice was a-m-a-z-i-n-g, which everyone had to admit even if they didn't necessarily like his style. And he brought so much personality and energy to his performances. This post-Adam-Lambert season has been quite... boring, in comparison.

Now that they're down to the Top 12, I can start to focus in on who might actually win this thing. Anything can happen from here on out, though. One bad performance can ruin a frontrunner's chances. I'm gonna go ahead and say that my pick to win is Siobhan Magnus. Rickey (my favorite AI blogger EVER who actually uploads MP3s of the performances each week) agrees with me. Who knows, though - my track record hasn't been great. Ha ha. Crystal Bowersox is right up there with her in talent, I think. My favorite two guys were Lee Dewyze and Alex Lambert, but Alex undeservedly got booted right before the Top 12. Wow, America. Really? Was it because he had a mullet? Ha ha ha. He seriously had one of the best male voices! Mediocrity with a cute face (I'm looking at you Tim Urban) always wins over mullet, I guess.

So, before we get into the Finals this week... here are my favorite performances so far:

Siobhan Magnus "House of the Rising Sun"
Siobhan Magnus "Wicked Game"
Crystal Bowersox "Give Me One Reason"
Lee Dewyze "Lips of an Angel"
Alex Lambert "Trouble"
Alex Lambert "Wonderful World"
Aaron Kelly "Here Comes Goodbye"
Didi Benami "The Way I Am"
Casey James "Heaven"
Katelyn Epperly "The Scientist"
Lilly Scott "A Change is Gonna Come"
Michelle Delamor "Fallin'"

And here are the WORST performances so far:
Tim Urban "Apologize"
Haeley Vaughn "The Climb"
Paige Miles "Smile"
Lacey Brown "Landslide"

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