Saturday, March 20, 2010

Adoption Progress: Intake Interview


We had what they call our "Intake Interview" earlier this week. Things have officially begun now! Paperwork on our side is basically done, so we met our caseworker. She was really super nice and I felt good about her as soon as we met her. I was glad she was young - I feel like I'll be able to better relate to her. I can tell she'll be rooting for us all along the way, and that's all I wanted to feel.

She asked us a few questions about how we met and where we got married. It was funny. Our "how we met" story is pretty silly. And she gave us an overview of the entire process, which was just reiterating what we already knew. But it was nice to hear it again. There's a lot of stuff to do, so they try to get us to wrap our heads around all of it.

What I really liked about this interview is that we were able to get some of Zay's issues with adoption out on the table. He hates that somebody can tell us "no" ... that there's a possibility that we'll go through this whole thing and it not work out. When he talks about those feelings, I keep imagining them taking a big red stamp and stamping "DENIED" across our file. Ha ha. It doesn't work like that. I was happy that our caseworker was sensitive to his feelings and helped him understand that we're all on the same team and they want us to be approved and to have a successful adoption. Even if there was some sort of problem (like pornography addiction or whatever - not that there is!), they wouldn't flat out deny a couple - they would help to make sure they got the counseling they needed or whatever was necessary to correct the problem. They'd work with us, not against us. I've said these things to Zay before, but it was good for him to hear it from the source. I hope it eased some of his worries.

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