Friday, April 2, 2010

Adoption Scams


I have a lot of time on my hands right now to research anything and everything about adopting. I've recently discovered stories about adoption scammers. I had no clue people would do some of these things! It's crazy. I've been reading about ways to avoid scammers and ways to spot them. Most of the time, the adoption agency can screen expectant parents beforehand and make sure they're legit... but not always.

I read a really interesting blog about a lady who encountered a "fake" potential birth mother on her road to adoption. Check it out and make sure you click on parts 1 & 2 and read about the whole thing. I'm already freaking out about the whole process. I'd be super nervous even if everything ends up going smoothly and quickly for us. But now I have to worry about something like this happening! Oh, boy.

Apparently this attention-seeking girl pretended to be pregnant and considering adoption. She contacted and met face-to-face with something like 9 different couples (so far), some of which knew each other and were friends. She got gifts, taken out for lunches and dinners, and lots of attention by pretending she wanted to place her "baby" for adoption. Wow.

She would make up all these dramatic stories to gain sympathy, about the birth father beating her and whatnot. Craziness. What a horrible thing to do! For the adoptive couples who had nothing to compare it to, they were duped. Others caught her in her lies and recognized the red flags.

I worry about stories like these because I'm so trusting and easily emotionally attached at this point. I hope I'm strong enough to get through whatever ends up coming our way and not let my emotions cause me to be extra vulnerable to adoption scammers.

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