Thursday, April 15, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Finals Week 5


The same old group performed again this week. Oh how I wish Andrew had left the competition last week! He and Aaron had the worst performances this week and I hate that I even had to be subjected to them. Ha ha. And I was reminded by Adam Lambert's performance that none of the contestants this year know how to perform.

Siobhan Magnus sang "Suspicious Minds." I loved her outfit (and Adam Lambert-inspired hair), but she scares me when she opens her mouth sometimes. I'm always nervous that she's going to blow it, because she's so over-the-top and sketchy with her vocals. You never know if she's about to nail it or kill it (in a bad way). So I get all nervous when she sings, because I really like her! And she has tons of potential. I'll support her no matter what. And she had a great comeback to the judges after they kept trying to pigeonhole her into one style of singer or genre. It's about time someone told the judges to stop worrying about what genre shelf the contestant's album is going to be on at Walmart. If it's good music, it's good music. Genre doesn't mean anything. Go Siobhan!


Although Lee Dewyze's performance of "A Little Less Conversation" wasn't as good as Daughtry's version 4 years ago, it was still awesome... and I'm starting to get the same feeling I had about Anoop Desai last year. Like, a little tickle in my heart. HA HA. He still lacks stage presence because he's too daggum humble and nervous, but he's trying hard to loosen up. His studio recordings every week are amazing and I am IN LOVE with his voice. Sexy, sexy, sexy.


I actually voted for Tim Urban this week. I split my votes between Crystal, Siobhan, Lee, and Tim. Basically because those are the only four that are worth watching most of the time. He was smart not to listen to Adam Lambert's advice about using his falsetto - HELLO, did Adam not see Tim's horrible rendition of "Apologize"??? He should never, ever attempt something like that again. He's smart to stick within his limited range, wear a tight shirt, and sing songs with the word "Love" in them. He knows what he's doing. The girls love him. Go Tim!


The best performances:
Crystal Bowersox's "Saved"
Lee Dewyze's "A Little Less Conversation"
Michael Lynch's "In The Ghetto"

The worst performances:
Andrew Garcia's "Hound Dog"
Aaron Kelly's "Blue Suede Shoes"

I was so worried for this week. The judges used their save on Michael Lynch last week, so two people were leaving this week... and this is about the time for a shock elimination. The best-case-scenario would've been Andrew and Aaron leaving, but Andrew and Katie was the next best thing... so I was relieved beyond belief that it wasn't worse than that. Timmy's safe! And my fave three live to see another week: Crystal, Lee, & Siobhan. Whew!

This week's American Idol in 60 Seconds with Jim Cantiello:

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