Thursday, April 22, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Finals Week 6


This was a sad, sad week. I don't even want to look at to see their mourning over the loss of poor Teflon Tim. But it's Tim's fault that he got kicked off. He did three things wrong: 1) he didn't pick a song with the word "Love" in it, 2) he sang the song badly and forgettable, and 3) he didn't flash his signature winning smile that often during the judges' critiques. COME ON TIM! Geez. I'm super sad to see him go. He provided the last shred of entertainment in this season, so it's basically gonna suck from here on out. Tim, you will be missed.


I'm still rooting for Siobhan Magnus. She's my favorite. More than her singing (which scares me sometimes), I love her outfits! That's something I look forward to every week and this week she totally didn't disappoint. She had butterflies coming off her arm and everything. Awesome. Go Siobhan! This week, the judges thoroughly confused the heck out of me. Usually I can see where they're coming from, but for some reason I felt like they were saying the exact opposite of what I was thinking. With Siobhan, they hated it (except for Ellen)... and I'm like, really? I thought it was very technical and controlled and it sounded great. What are the judges smoking?


And then with Lee Dewyze (my favorite guy), the judges super overpraised him. They said he had "a moment" on the stage and that he was a "true artist" - I just didn't get it. I thought he chose a really weird song for his voice and it was like his voice kept cracking - it made me cringe a little bit. What is going on??? Bring sexy back next week, Lee!

I was hoping this week Michael Lynch would finally go home. He shouldn't have been saved by the judges a couple weeks back. He is BORING. It's also really hard to watch him singing when he does these weird things with his lips and he's bulging out of his clothes. Really creepy. And he sang a Nickelback song, for crying out loud. HA HA HA! It didn't fit his style at all and just sounded ridiculous. Oh, boy. I don't get it.

I never talk about Crystal Bowersox, but I really don't see how she couldn't win this thing. The talent is slim pickings this year. I miss last season! - Allison Iraheta! - Adam Lambert! - Kris Allen! - Anoop Desai! Come on, Season 9. I am so not impressed.

The best performances:
Crystal Bowersox's "People Get Ready"
Siobhan Magnus' "When You Believe"

The worst performances:
Aaron Kelly's "I Belive I Can Fly"
Michael Lynch's "Hero"

This week's American Idol in 60 Seconds with Jim Cantiello:

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