Tuesday, May 4, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Finals Week 7

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Okay, so I couldn't even bring myself to blog about American Idol last week because it upset me so bad. Ha ha ha. I had to come to terms with the results first! Now, here we go...

We're down to the Top 6. Looking back at the entire Top 24, I'd have to say my Top 6 would've been:
  1. Crystal Bowersox
  2. Siobhan Magnus
  3. Lee Dewyze
  4. Alex Lambert
  5. Casey James
  6. Tim Urban
So, since Alex is long gone and Tim sadly left the competition last week... the presence of Michael Lynch and Aaron Kelly irks me a bit. I'm gonna vote my little heart out for the other four. The theme is Shania Twain's songbook collection, so Aaron is supposed to be on his game. We'll see.

I noticed that since Vote For The Worst's long-running pick was finally sent packing, they'd have to pick a new person to support. They like to go with people who sing badly and/or are really entertaining and/or the judges don't want them to win. They picked Siobhan. Ha ha ha. I don't think she's the worst, but she's by far the most entertaining. The rest of the contestants have just been DROWNING me in BOREDOM.

Actually, I looooove Siobhan. Something about her just screams (ha ha) "unfullfilled potential." But for some reason, the judges have been talking down to her even when she's done well and I think it's been confusing her. You can tell she's nervous too up on that stage. And Ryan Seacrest keeps referring to Siobhan as "the glass-blower" - that sounds so stupid (not really the glass-blowing part, just the fact that they keep calling her that). I don't know why they keep bringing up the contestants' previous jobs. Doesn't make any sense.

Shania Twain week ended up being interesting just because everyone was so dull that it was a close race. Casey had another "moment," I didn't like Lee again - he sounded like he was in pain singing "You're Still the One," Michael = boring and lame, Aaron = shaky voice and boring, Crystal was good but boring, and then there was Siobhan! OMG, Siobhan. Her wail at the end would have been awesome if she had finished it, HA HA HA. She just cut off mid-scream and tried to start it back up again. Wow, she did VFTW proud! Simon said it sounded like she was giving birth at the end there. HA HA HA. She was by far the most entertaining and was the only one to choose an upbeat song and ended the night with a lot of energy.

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Bottom 3: Michael, Casey, and Siobhan. Siobhan goes home!!!... I was UPset. Then she gave the best sing-out performance of the season with Aretha Franklin's "Think." You go, Siobhan! With each of the past couple weeks, American Idol Season 9 has gotten progressively lame. Vote For The Worst is now supporting Michael, not really because he's entertaining... there's nobody left to choose from who's entertaining! Just because he actually is the worst and he should have been gone THREE WEEKS AGO when he was supposed to leave and the judges wasted their "save"... *Grumble, grumble, grumble...* I love their banner for him, though:

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American Idol in 60 Seconds with Jim Cantiello:

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