Saturday, May 8, 2010

Letting God Have Control

At this point in time, I just cannot wait to add to my family and ease the constant aching in my heart. I try really, really hard not to be a whiner and complainer. But I think it's important to just let myself feel what I'm feeling at this point. There's a reason why I want children so badly, there's a reason why my heart is so swallowed up in adoption, there's a reason why we are supposed to wait.

I can just imagine how overwhelming it would be emotionally if I got to be there in the hospital room and be the first one to hold a newborn baby that would be coming home with us. If I had my way, it would be today. I am so ready... but I would definitely cry my eyes out.

It's not gonna happen for me today, but God's there and He knows what's best for us. Sometimes His timing and our timing can be waaaay off. And that's okay. He knows that now is our time to prepare and to learn things that only infertility and adoption could teach us. He knows that we're learning and growing on this path that we had no idea we would take when we got married almost 6 years ago. Learning to put our trust in Him is a great blessing and I'm glad He's giving us the opportunity. :)

Video: "Trusting in the Lord"

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