Sunday, June 27, 2010

Health Insurance Issues Part II

Humana got back to me last week about the policy that I applied for a few weeks ago:

"As you may already be aware, we are unable to offer you coverage. [Ummm, no I was not aware. Geez.] This decision is based strictly on underwriting risk, not a clinical viewpoint. [WTF does that mean?] This decision was based on information obtained during our underwriting review, including but not necessarily limited to the following: probable polycystic ovaries, treatment with infertility drugs with in the past year without a live birth [Would "treatment with infertility drugs that resulted in a live birth" have been better?? I'm confused.] and family planning is not complete. [I told them that family planning was complete, so I don't know what their issue is here.]"

So, I talked to the insurance agent to see what he had to say about it. He was genuinely surprised that they flat out denied us like that, and said he'd never had so much trouble getting someone approved before.

Humana said that they have something like a 2-year waiting period for infertility, meaning we would have to wait 2 years from the last time we sought treatment... If I remember right, that was in December. That's too long to wait!

We're going to try one more time with Assurant Health, which is a company that typically offers more riders (to specifically exclude conditions, such as infertility). If that doesn't work, then the whole private insurance thing just isn't going to work. We'll be forced to find a way to get it from an employer... which means either Zay will have to delay returning to school and work full time at his job, or I'll have to find a job - a good job in this economy - that will have me working outside the house (when the ideal has always been that I'll work from home when we have kids). Ugh. Even if I get a job, there'd most likely be a 90-day waiting period before any benefits kicked in. Double ugh. And we'd probably have to buy another car in order to make that situation work. Triple ugh. But I really do not want to see Zay delay going to school any longer. Arrrrrgghhh!

Too hard. :(


  1. Oh, that makes me SO MAD! I can't believe that no health insurance company has empathy for people with infertility. Man. How stupid!

  2. I don't know what to say on this one- Tom worked full time through college because we couldn't get private insurance (fainting disorder). Insurance is so not fair.


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