Monday, June 7, 2010

Health Insurance Issues

I have been super busy lately. Too busy to blog and that's just not me! Ha ha.

The adoption process is slowly creeping along. It takes some mighty strong people to make it out alive in the end. I don't know if I'm as strong as they expect us to be, but I'm trying SO HARD.

We hit a snag in the process with health insurance. I had health insurance through BYU up until a year ago. When I graduated, the insurance ended. And then I guess I just procrastinated trying to find private insurance for an entire year. I forgot about it! I rarely go to the doctor for anything other than preventative physicals and whatnot, I rarely get hurt or sick, I never go to the emergency room. I'm healthy and I really just didn't think about it. And on top of that, I didn't know much about getting coverage and thought it would be a piece of cake.

When I realized we needed to get health insurance really soon in order to move on with the adoption process, I talked to Zay about his jobs and about whether he could work more hours at one to take advantage of some full-time benefits. But he really wants to go back to school in the Fall, so that wouldn't really work out long-term. I'm self-employed, so I don't get benefits either. The choices we had were for me to get a job with benefits and cut back on my self-employment or to pay out of pocket for private insurance.

So, I've been researching each of those choices. I don't want just any job. I want a good job, possibly using my degree. So I've been applying and interviewing for all kinds of jobs, but the recession isn't helping one bit. I'd love, love, love to work for BYU in some way. It's such a comfortable work environment. But they have a hiring freeze that's been going on forever. The job openings they do have are really, really important jobs that HAVE to be filled (lots of responsibility), there's a lot more competition for them, and a lot of them don't offer full-time benefits. Geez.

Since I probably won't be able to get health insurance from an employer as fast as I'd like, the private insurance option seemed appealing. At first. That's before I actually started trying to figure out premiums, deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, riders, limitations, exclusions, waiting periods, pre-existing conditions, dependency waivers, insurance companies, insurance agents, HSAs, HIPUtah, COBRA, the state of Utah's weird laws that are different than any other state's, etc., etc., etc. ... What the heck??? They should have a class about health insurance in college!

The first thing I did, of course, was go to That's because I've seen the commercials. Ha ha. I tried to apply to various policies at Select Health, Altius, and Regence. Denied, denied, denied. You know why? Because I'm infertile. And that's a pre-existing condition that they refuse to cover. WTF? So, the fact that I am not able to make babies makes me a liability to your company? How about the fact that infertility only means that I WON'T GET PREGNANT!!! That's gonna be GOOD for your company, for crying out loud. Zero maternity expenses. ZERO.

Thanks, Universe. First I can't make babies. THEN I can't get health insurance so that I can eventually adopt babies. Thanks a lot. That is the definition of adding insult to injury.

Zay started talking like he felt it was a sign that we should just live childless. I'm like, NO! I am not giving up that easily! Geez. He likes to take everything for a sign. But I'm not a quitter. These aren't signs, they're obstacles. I talked to our awesome caseworker and she said she had never heard of anything like that before! Ha ha. So, of course it would happen to us, right? She sent out a mass email trying to find out if anyone at the agency had ever dealt with an issue like that and she got us in contact with someone who had. We had an adoption training meeting this weekend, so we got to speak with the guy in person and see how he handled it. Another couple overheard us talking and came over and joined the conversation! They had been through it too. So take that for a sign, Zay! Ha ha ha.

They told me what insurance agents I needed to talk to and what websites to go to and which insurance companies in Utah would be most likely to accept us, etc. It's a complicated mess! But I called an insurance agent today and he actually talked me through an application so that I can increase my chances of being accepted by knowing what to say, what not to say, and how to word things (not being dishonest at all, but not OVER-answering the questions). Then the insurance company called me a couple hours later and had me expound on the fact that I had been denied previously at other companies because of "infertility"... and they told me they would approve or deny us within a week. So, we have to wait to see. The insurance agent who helped me fill out the application was really helpful and sounded like he would fight for me to get insurance no matter what (mostly because he gets a commission if he does! ha ha), so I'm glad I've recruited someone to be on our team.

I'm pretty sure I'll have to blog about "Health Insurance Issues Part II" later, but for now I'm feeling optimistic. Other people have been through it and survived. I'm smart. I've done difficult things before. This is going to be a piece of cake, dangit. :)


  1. Wow girl I'm saying a prayer for you!! I've been blessed to always work for companies that have good insurance so I can't imagine going through what you've had to go through. This will all work out mama don't you worry!!

    Now when you say self employed... Are you still doing hair? I may want to get some corn rows 1/4 way back whe. We visit this summer. Hehe.

    *hugs* and prayers girl!!! This will work out!!

  2. @Future Mama -

    Thanks for the support! I know it'll all work out, but in the middle of it all I keep thinking - shouldn't this be easier??? Ha ha.

    Yep, still doing hair. And I'm so much better than that time you came to get yours done! I've had lots and lots of practice. Facebook me when you get to Utah so I can see that baby of yours that you'll be carrying around!!! And I can set you up an appointment. :)


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