Saturday, August 28, 2010

Crossing Off The List


We've got 3 down, 5 to go! Then we'll get the adoption process going again.
  1. Reach our goal weights for the year. I'm getting this.close to reaching my goal weight. Only a few more lbs to go. Zay's steadily working on his. We're still trying to find a routine that works for both of us. We have our individual things, but I really wish we could work together on this one.
  2. Find a good marriage counselor and start seeing them once a month or so. I haven't had the time to research this one yet.
  3. Establish a good pattern of Date Night. This is the one we're working on now. We've pretty much established a night and we alternate who gets to pick what we do. But we haven't been doing it (successfully) long enough for me to call it a "good pattern."
  4.  Me getting a job that will allow Zay to get back into school. Being self-employed has a lot of drawbacks... and we've been going back and forth about me being a stay-at-home mom and Zay being a stay-at-home dad... and I ended up deciding that I should use my education to start a career. Zay can go to school like he's wanted to do for years now and be the stay-at-home dad that he used to dream of being. It's in my personality to work and if I can find the right job that I'll enjoy, I wouldn't mind being the main provider
    •  I got a job, I'm still doing hair on the side, and Zay's figuring out his school situation. He'll be a stay-at-home dad when that time comes. That's the plan.
  5.  Get health insurance (hopefully this comes with a job w/benefits and the whole health insurance nightmare will end).
  6.  Start a retirement account (hopefully this comes with a job w/benefits)
    • I've got some catching up to do since I'm almost 25 and I'm just now getting with the program! But it's never too late.
  7. Finish saving for all likely adoption fees/expenses. We've got an account set up for this and we've been slowly but surely adding funds to it.
  8. Make a savings plan in order to pay off all student loan debt, have 6 month's worth of income in our savings account, buy a house, and get a second car. Haven't worked on this one yet!


  1. wow it sounds like you are a goal machine!
    I really admire people who set goals and stick with them.
    I always see Zay at Target and say hi to him but I really doubt he remembers who I am.

  2. great job! this is awesome, i am inspired by all your progress!!

  3. @Diana - I asked Zay if he remembered you and he got a blank look on his face. LOL. I think he just doesn't pay attention. It may be a guy thing. Keep saying hey to him!!! Be forceful with it, ha ha!

    @Tesera - Thanks a bunches. :) ... P.S. I am thoroughly enjoying your adventures in the UK! Your girls are cutie pies! Thanks for doing such a good job updating everybody. So, so awesome!!!


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