Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Writing Notes In Church

This is from a little over a month ago, right in the middle of all the confusion... around the time we talked to our caseworker and put things on hold because we didn't know what the heck we were doing in life.

Zay:  Hey Baby. How u doin?
AA:   Tired & [sun]burnt. But I'm okay.

Zay:  Adult life sucks huh?
AA:   Sometimes. I'm glad I have you by my side helping me through it.

Zay:  Sweet. I'm always here.
AA:   Thank you. You've been very sweet & comforting lately.

Zay:  I'm tryin. I love u so much.
AA:   I love you too! Our anniversary is so close. 6 years! Yay!

Zay:  Wow, time flies huh?
AA:   Yep. They say the first 7 years of marriage are the hardest.

Zay:  I thought it was 5.
AA:   Whatever. We're gonna make it to 60 years!

Zay:  Hope so. Hope I'm alive to see it.
AA:   I want us to live a long time together.

Zay:  If something happens to me, will u stay sealed to me?
AA:   [*laughing*] Yeah, silly.

Zay:  Nice. I feel so bad sometimes, cuz I don't know what the future holds for us.
AA:   Nobody knows. We can't do much about that except trying for what we want out of life & seeing what happens & what doesn't.

Zay:  There are things we both want for life. Some things we control & some things we don't. But I feel like we have control over nothing.
AA:   We're just in a weird state right now. Nothing is certain, so it's confusing & makes us feel out of control. It sucks.

Zay:  Yup.
AA:   I know I wanna be w/you. That's certain. We can control our relationship if we work as a team.

Zay:  Thanks. I wanna be wit u too.


  1. You two are SO CUTE! Nate and I need to be more like that. :)

  2. @The Girl -

    One of the most awesomest things that me and Zay do together is write back and forth to each other in a shared journal. I don't know where that idea originated from, but it has stuck and I love it. Now it's become a habit that when we're in church we like to pass it back and forth and have sort of like an instant message conversation. Ha ha. It's how we get a lot of our "talking" done! It makes it much more likely that we'll think before we "speak" and much less likely for it to develop into an argument. Perfect. :)


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