Thursday, September 30, 2010

Way Behind On Blogging... And Some News!

Should I just do a bulletpoint list? Cuz I think that's the best I can do right now because I am SO far behind. Whenever I have 2 seconds to filter through my SD card, I'll start posting some pictures... but for now, you just get my beautiful words. Ha ha.
  • My job is going awesome! It's exactly what I was looking for and I'm really happy there. Getting that job eased so many worries and gave me something to anchor the rest of my life around. Now Zay's not so worried about the financial aspect of adoption (side note: I've been reading a lot about how the economy is affecting people's decisions to add to their family. Interesting stuff and makes me think about Zay's concerns)... and he has more freedom to go to school without feeling like he's not working enough. Yay!
  • We're still Primary teachers and it can be SO HILARIOUS. We taught about "Obeying the Law," which basically consisted of "no littering," "stop signs," and "keep your dog on a leash." We explained littering about 5 times and then asked, "So - do any of you have any stories about littering?" Child #1 starts speaking and says something completely incomprehensible. "Ummmmm, anybody else?" Child #2 is much louder, but still isn't on topic. "Wait, does this have to do with littering?" Child #2, "I... I... I don't know what littering is." Me and Zay eye each other, trying not to laugh. Child #3 starts speaking before we even call on them, "What if! What if! What if there's a monster? And the monster, um, eats a person? And then he, um, spits him out?" Zay got a really confused look on his face and said, "Whaaaat?" I just burst out laughing. I said, "I think that's the closest thing we're going to get to a 'littering' story. Let's move on." I brought out the paper and color pencils and let them have at it. We got 3 decent pictures of cars stopping at stop signs and red lights that Zay and I mostly drew...and then we got them to walk semi-reverently to the Sharing Time room. Awesome. I love being a Primary teacher.
  • I had a super duper awesome birthday weekend that consisted of birthday brownies at work, getting to leave work early on Friday, presents, the season premiere of Smallville (which was like the best thing I have ever witnessed,, not having to do hair all weekend, good friends, riding horsies, seeing Zay's reaction to said horsies ("I don't do big animals!"), BYU football (which was fun even though the game was horrible), getting Monday off from work and still being paid for it, relaxing, eating out, Netflix, strawberry shortcake, a picnic with Zay at the base of the Y where we watched the sunset, taking pictures, and getting to see my scrumdiddlyumptious nephew and visit with my bro and sister-in-law. Best birthday weekend EVER.
  • Tuesday night was a new episode of Glee... ALL ABOUT BRITNEY SPEARS! I've been anxiously waiting for that episode ever since I heard rumors about it a couple months ago. I can't believe it actually came to be. I love, love, loved it and grinned through the whole thing. Zay said, "Oh man - you're in heaven right now, aren't you?" Ha ha ha. Dang right.
  • AND...dun Dun DUN! Zay finally said screw our goals and let's move on (even though we were doing really good on our Baby Bucket List - I'll probably reach my weight-loss goal within the next couple weeks and Zay's lost a lot of weight too... and we finally got a good Date Night routine going... and we researched counseling and decided that it might not be all that necessary at this point in time... and we did a lot of restructuring of our finances and saving). So, at even the slightest hint of the word 'go' from Zay, I went nuts about getting things done. We finished our online adoption profile and then did our individual interviews!!! Conversation with Zay afterwards... Zay: "I'm excited." Me: "Excited for what?" Zay: "To have a kid." Me: "REALLY?! Why do you say that?" Zay: "Because it's time." Sweet!


  1. That is exciting! Good job on all of your goals and I am glad you guys are both excited about moving forward on the adoption! Hooray!

  2. Alice Anne! I have missed you much too much! I forgot that you LOVE LOVE LOVE Britney! I've watched that Glee episode 3 times now. :)

  3. @Kylee - Thank you! I read yall's blog and I think yall are so cute! Ha ha. You've gotta let me know when there are new developments in your adoption stuff too! It's definitely exciting!

    @The Girl - Bwah ha ha! Thank you for rooting for me, girl! It feels like this should be much easier than it's been turning out to be!

    @David and Melanie - Max is looking mighty handsome, ha ha! I can't believe I haven't seen yall as parents yet! You've gotta visit us next time you're in Utah County.

    @Brianne - BRIAAAAAAAAANNE! How dare you forget! HA HA. That episode was soooo good. It made me wanna bust out some Britney outfits and dance around my apartment!!!

  4. @ecometrochic - "like" buttons! Ha ha ha. I'll look into that. :D


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