Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cycle Day 121

Today is day 121 since the beginning of this "cycle." Sometimes I forget that women have periods... Muah ha ha! The bright side of my lovely infertility. :)

 I believe this is my "meh" face...*shrugs*.

Today, I thought about all the amazing things my body does well. For example, I have no allergies to anything... Awesome job, body! Go white blood cells and histamines or whatever the heck is keeping me running smoothly! I hardly ever get sick. I'm also strong and flexible because my body handles yoga really well. Go body, go! I have a really acute sense of smell... so, I'll never have to worry about a skunk sneaking up on me or anything... which is awesome, right? I went my entire reckless childhood (riding brakeless bikes down hills, jumping off the roof of my house, running through the woods with my eyes closed, etc.) without breaking a bone other than a finger here and there (that's what happens when you play no-pad tackle football with the toughest, meanest girl on the block...fingers get broken). My bones are tough! One time I got shot in the head with an arrow... a REAL LIVE ARROW. But I only needed 4 stitches! My skull just ricocheted that dang thing! That's pretty cool, I think. See? My body's awesome... and infertility doesn't define me. :D


  1. You are totally awesome. So is your body. I need to make a list like this. I've spent way too much time resenting my body because of the few things that it does very wrong. But there is a lot that it does right. Good job, body.

    You really got shot in your head by an arrow?? Crazy.

  2. @The Girl - I'm totally starting to see the upside to this infertility thing, actually. It's been a huge blessing in disguise. Recognizing that has helped me not feel so much resentment about one little old thing that's not working properly. :) And YES, I got shot with an arrow. Long story, but basically my brother and I thought it was a smart idea to shoot arrows in each other's general direction when we were kids. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    @Diana - Yay! Positivity! Lol.

  3. AA, I'm going through infertility but I still have my periods like always! :( I'm keeping hope though and I love your positive attitude! It's so helpful to me! <3 you! :)


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