Sunday, November 7, 2010

Acting and Not Being Acted Upon

Every quote I hear nowadays seems to somehow relate to infertility and adoption! I guess that's what it means to "liken" things unto yourself.

I heard this quote about acting vs. being acted upon. It made me think about our freedom of choice (our agency) and how we are given the power to act and choose for ourselves. When we sit around and wait for life to happen to us, we're not exercising our right to choose very much at all. If we just go with the flow and do what everyone else is doing, we're not making good use of our agency. If we do what other people tell us to do without thinking it through for ourselves, we're voluntarily giving up our freedom.

It also made me think about what faith means. Just saying "whatever happens, happens" and "I'm leaving it up to God" may sound like faith on the surface... But "faith" is supposed to be an action word. If we want to really show our faith, we have to do something. Actively. Not passively. We have to have courage and strength to do the hard things first. The trial of our faith comes before the blessings. God's not just going to hand us everything we want all the time (although He does bless us often when we don't deserve it). We have to make right choices, even when they're difficult. And we have to show our faith by following through with those choices.

We can’t always have “control”, but we can do everything we can and THEN leave it in the Lord’s hands. I think that’s the way He wants it to be. It’s how we learn the most.

Anyways, I think this applies in so many situations. For me, I think of birthmothers. Women who make the hard decision to place their baby. That's an act of faith. That's actively making a choice and using God-given agency to do something that not everyone agrees with... something that not everyone will support... something that isn't the norm. But when you make a choice that you know is right for you and your child, that's acting rather than being acted upon.

I also think about our own situation. We have a righteous desire to have children. If we went with the philosophy to "let whatever happen," I'm pretty sure God would have little reason to bless us. That's not the case for everyone, but for us I think it applies. There's something He's trying to teach us. That's pretty obvious, because we have learned so much through fertility treatments and adoption plans. We're learning how to listen to the Spirit more, act and not just be acted upon. I don't know how things are going to turn out, and using our agency doesn't mean that we have control (God's definitely still in control!), but we are doing what we can. That's what He asks of each of us.

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