Saturday, April 2, 2011

Baby Names and Meanings

I've been fascinated with baby names for quite some time. I think it started when I was about 13 or 14... I would doodle names that I thought sounded "cool" and played around with the spelling and pronunciation, adding extra sounds, etc. I liked merging names together to create new, original names. I liked unique names. I started developing a preference for certain sounds and certain letters. I analyzed celebrity names and celebrity baby names, trying to decide what I liked and didn't like.

When I first started dating Zay, we thought of names together. It was one of our "things"... I think we always knew we'd get married and have lots of kids. He brought names to the table that were important and meant something to him. His ideas merged with mine. We ended up having way too many girl names, so we'd double up on the middle names and decided we'd just have to have 9 or 10 girls so we could use up all the names! Ha ha. For awhile there, we had a list of names for 9 girls and 4 boys. Holy cow.

We were never not trying to have kids, but once I started taking fertility meds and the idea became more real in my mind, I knew a lot of those names were pointless or ridiculous. Those got eliminated. We got to thinking about the meanings behind names and how it was important to us to have the meaning really mean something. We both love our own names and we wanted to make sure our kids names meant something special, possibly with a family theme so that somehow all the names tie together.

Alice means "Of A Noble Kin"
Anne means "Gracious, Merciful"
What I like about my name: I love Southern Belle type double names for girls. Double names to me are like double the personality! Where I'm from is a huge part of who I am and I hope I can instill a lot of Southern values into my daughters, including being "gracious and merciful". I also like names for girls that tell of how special they are - daughters of a Heavenly King. My daughters will know that they are "of a noble kin" and that their individual worth is priceless. I was also named for a family member, which I think can be awesome if done in the right way.

Xavier means "The New House"
Alexander means "Defender Of The People"
What I like about his name: I love strong, Savior-referencing names for boys. Names with meanings like Savior, Defender, Hero, Protector, etc. Zay likes these kinds of names as well, because they can also relate to his interest in Superman (ha ha). And "The New House" is a sort of theme for our family, meaning we want to create something better than what came before us.

So now we've got a theme for our family and a theme for each gender. When we started the adoption process and we got to the point where we knew we were going to be adopting a baby boy, we already had a name picked out for about 5 years previous to that. What was funny though, is that the name fit so well. It was perfect for the situation and for the particular child. In the future, that will be important too - to make sure the name fits the situation. Also, in adoption I think it's important to honor the birthmother in some way (in our case, our son's first name starts with the same letter as his birthmom's first name) and to also have meaning behind the name that represented the process that brought that particular child into our home (in our case, we felt like God had His hand guiding us to adoption and guiding us to the right child).

We named our baby boy Kal-El Rashad.
Kal-El means "Voice of God"
Rashad means "Rightly Guided"

Or rightly guided by the voice of God.

We've got the strong superhero reference in "Kal-El" and "rightly guided by the voice of God" is exactly how I would describe our journey through adoption.

Just perfect. Our little Superman. :)

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