Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Kitties Were Good For Something!

Before I had a kid of my own, the only thing I could really compare motherhood to was taking care of my two kitties. They're the only kids I've ever had! Ha ha.

I understand that a lot of times it doesn't always translate well (litter boxes vs. diapers, etc.), but sometimes it does! There was a moment where I thought to myself, "I am so ready to be a mother." That moment was when I heard one of my cats hacking up a lung across the room. I knew he was about to throw up all over the carpet. I yelled, "Ohhhh no you don't!," ran across the room, and without thinking I cupped my hands under his mouth... and caught all the vomit right there in my hands. It was absolutely disgusting, but for some reason it didn't faze me in the least. I laughed at myself and that's when I knew I could handle an infant!

I was reminded of this incident when Kal decided to randomly projectile vomit on me a couple days ago. I was holding him, he was giving me one of his happy faces, and then out of nowhere he threw up. It was headed for the couch and the carpet... so I hugged him to me and let him spit up all down my shirt and onto my jeans. I felt like Superman, hugging a bomb to my chest in order to save the innocent bystanders of Metropolis from the explosion.

I think he was pretty proud of himself.

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