Sunday, April 17, 2011

Look Not Behind Thee

"...look not behind thee..."
 -- Genesis 19:17

This is a video my Church put out for the New Year's. I know it's way past New Year's, but the message resonates with me now... with the spring fever that's hitting me and this new journey my husband and I are taking as parents. Everything seems new and fresh and different. Things are changing...! And, like the girl in the video says near the end, "Every day is the beginning of a new year..."

One of my favorite things to do is to reminisce with my family. Something about memories and the past is important to me. We can't forget about the past, because there were lessons learned and good memories made. I think part of that is why I'm so interested in family history research (genealogy). But we definitely shouldn't dwell on the past or get stuck there, reliving bad memories or mistakes or negative emotions. The future begins now and the past doesn't have to hold us down. It's important to process it and give ourselves time to heal or change or repent/forgive or whatever needs to be done, but after that... we shouldn't let it weigh us down anymore. The future is all about opportunities and change and we should embrace that. If we don't - if we never change, if we always look behind us and never at what could be - life is dull, disappointing, and in the end... full of regrets.

Let's live our lives in a way that our present is authentic and worth something... so that our past is full of great memories and our future is full of dreams we're working towards. Happiness all around! :)

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