Monday, May 9, 2011


My nephew just learned his colors. I didn't even know he knew them until he randomly started pointing at things in my living room and naming what color they were. I praised his little smarty pants!

Then he pointed at Kal and said, "Brown!"

I could not stop laughing.

Now, in all actuality he could've been pointing to his hair... or his eyes. But it made me think about his race and how his skin won't look quite like mine or Zay's. We'll have to talk about race and skin color when he gets older and teach him what matters and what doesn't. It made me think about this blog and this article. Is saying "brown" okay? I think so. I use brown, cocoa, creamsicle, Hershey's, milk chocolatey. All in reference to my little booger boy. Lol. He better be proud to be brown! Just like I embrace my pale, pale skin (I tell myself all the time that "pale is the new tan"), and just like Zay is a black man through and through. We're all different and that's what makes us unique and awesome.

Good job, Evander! Let's celebrate all the colors! There's nothing wrong with noticing. :)

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