Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What a Real Man Looks Like

Daddy-Son baby-wearing! Adorable. :)
Zay is doing such an awesome job taking care of Kal during the day! Stay-at-home daddying it! :D

I admit I was a little nervous at first when we worked things out this way. I think those motherly instincts kicked in strong and I wanted to be with Kal every second of the day. And then I worried about me being the breadwinner causing some sort of inadvertent power shift or tension or something in our marriage. I think men like the feeling of providing and I didn't want to take that away from him.

But it has seriously been so perfect for us. At least for right now, it works. I think we respect each other more in these roles than traditional ones. Our personalities mesh with these roles better. I don't know... it just works. Plus, I had the education that he didn't and could get a better job at this point in time in our lives. Eventually when he finishes school this won't be the case and I'm sure things will change. But for right now, this is our life.

I love my job. Zay is a much better cook and so organized. I crave the structure of working and the interaction with adults. Zay has been working since he was a young teenager and now he's loving the flexibility and the bonding time he has with his boy. They are SO cute together! He is so in love with this little boy of ours. My heart just explodes at the cuteness of it all.

A man who can change a diaper with one hand, cook dinner, and mix up bottles of formula is most definitely a real man. :)

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