Friday, October 21, 2011

Should I Take Fertility Meds?: Ummmm, Nevermind

 Kal at 7 months old!!! (my little gangster!)

Seriously,. I'm in no state of mind to be making life-changing decisions when my hormones are out of whack. Ha ha. Remember when I was saying that having a lot of kids was crazy? And then all of a sudden I wanted to start back on my fertility meds? Ugh. I don't get it. I don't get myself sometimes.

I started taking my Metformin to get it in my system and then yesterday I thought all day about whether I should start my Clomid... but I didn't... and then I stopped the Metformin when it was making me super nauseous. The nausea itself made me rethink the whole thing. Lol. I'm a mess.

The plan is to wait until Kal is a year old and then decide between fertility meds and a second adoption. I'm thinking we're going to adopt again. I can feel it. It's the only thing that really makes sense, despite how confused I've been lately. Plus, it will be so exciting to adopt again! It was intense and scary, but so very exciting... and by Kal's first birthday I know we'll be ready to get the process going.

What's gonna be cool is that we've been through this whole adoption thing once before, so now we have a reference point to compare things to. We'll have a general idea of how things will go down (although there will definitely be some unique twists and turns with each adoption). I think that'll help us feel calmer and more reassured that things will just happen however they were supposed to happen and that there will be a reason for everything... we don't have to get all anxious about every little thing! The worst that could happen is that we come back home "empty-handed" and we still have our amazing, precious little Kal to love on. That's definitely not a consolation prize right there! So I know we'll be a lot more relaxed. It's gonna be awesome. :)

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