Sunday, April 29, 2012

Worst Fears


I have a few illogical fears... I'm not afraid of mustard or balloons or anything bizarre like that, but there are a few things that debilitate me just at the mere thought of them. Let me be a wuss, I don't care! Ha ha. My fears have changed since we got Kal, though. Now my fears and worry center around him. I'm definitely a mom now.

One of my more recent "worst fears" comes from a story I heard - something that was supposedly on the news. DON'T READ AHEAD if you are easily freaked out about the idea of something harming your child!

The story was about a parent coming onto their child's room to wake them up... And instead of seeing their baby sleeping peacefully in their crib, they see a huge SNAKE curled up in a corner of the crib, full from a recent meal... A huge bulge in their middle.

Yeah. Absolutely terrifying. A story like that can keep me up at night in a panic. I think as the story went, it was an escaped neighbor's pet snake that crawled in through the baby's window. I would never, ever, ever want a snake in my house for any reason. A pet snake is horrifying to me. Not my thing, sorry. I would be in a constant state of fear.

So, yesterday we had a new neighbor moving in. Zay went and helped them move boxes into their place and when they were all done, the guy gets one last thing out of his car - TWO PET SNAKES!! He brings them over to show us and I just slowly back way with Kal on my hip.

Nope. I don't like it.

We've only been in our new place for 7 months and we've got a year lease... But I think it's time to move. It must be a sign. In the meantime, I'm ready to get some 2x4's and board up Kal's window or have him sleep with us! I'm am fReAkEd OuT!!

*Deep breaths*


  1. That's funny. Sorry just never been scared of snakes. Our neighbor is moving in June. Rent is $750 with a $500 deposit for animals. Would be cheaper than your paying now. Plus it's bigger. 3 bedrooms 2 1/2 baths. upstairs and downstairs. If your interested

    1. We're going to buy a condo soon, but thanks anyway.


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