Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Celebrating Adoption Walk 2012

On the day before Mother's Day this year, I went to an event they had in Provo to celebrate adoption and Birthmother's Day. This was the 3rd year I went and I love going! It's so much fun to be surrounded by so many supporters of something I so whole-heartedly support and have dedicated so much of myself to. Two years ago, I went as a hopeful adoptive mom and I wrote on my runner's label that I was there in honor of "my future babies." Ha ha. Now I have a gorgeous little boy and his beautiful birthmother that I go and walk in honor of. I love it!

I had so much fun, and Kal did too. And I appreciate my good friends who don't have the same connection to adoption as me, but totally show up to events like this in support of me and my little family. Makes me happy! I ran in one of the races, although I sucked. Kal loved his balloon that he got to release, was mesmerized by Cosmo the Cougar, and ate his first donut. Have I really deprived him for so long that he's only now experiencing a donut? Ha ha. Guess I'm a health nut. Poor kid.

Anyways, it was so fun and I know Kal's going to enjoy it more and more as he gets older and can run around and make friends. And we're so thankful to his birthmother. Always will be. :)


  1. Brings tears to my eyes! I wish I could have gone again this year. Maybe next year. :)

    1. It was fun! You're always invited, of course. But I knew you had a lot going on! I'm glad you are such an awesome friend and support through all this infertility/adoption craziness. :)


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