Friday, May 4, 2012

Kal and Moo Moo

Pets are a must for me. Family life just isn't family life unless you have some little critters running around. And by critters I mean kitties! Pets are good for kids. When we have a house with a nice-sized yard, we want a dog for sure. A BIG dog. But so far in our apartment-hopping college years, dogs are too much of a responsibility and liability. Our kitties have been with us all along, though. Zay adopted Felix for me in 2005 - he was left at our vet by the previous owner, and then again in 2006 he got me Zeus from a neighbor's new litter.

Pre-baby, I always imagined my child growing up with Felix... my Felix. Felix Bojangles is his full name. Ha ha. He was my first cat when I moved to Utah and I had him for 6 years... but right after we brought Kal home last year, Felix ran away. Jealousy, maybe? :( I don't know, but I was devastated. It was also the night that the Smallville series ended, so it was just an all-around emotional day for me. I cried!

He has a microchip and I'm still holding out hope a year later that someone will find him and take him to a vet or someplace where he'll be scanned and returned to his home. That would be a miracle. I reported him lost to the Home Again pet-finding service, printed and hung up lost pet fliers, and I've had my fingers crossed. I've heard that pets who become roadkill can get scanned for microchips and owners are notified of their demise... and I wasn't notified, so I'm going to optimistically look forward to having him returned to me unharmed one day.

I needed a new kitty to soften the blow of losing Felix. Our other cat Zues (Zeus Shenanigans) has been anti-social and depressed ever since Felix disappeared, so he was no good for anybody. And Kal needed a playmate! So, in came Moo Moo Ragamuffin to save the day! A coworker of mine told me about a litter of kittens that he needed to adopt out. I knew it was meant to be. :) Moo Moo and Kal have been growing up side by side, best buddies. I've always thought of Moo Moo as Kal's pet, so hopefully over the years I can teach Kal to take care of him and be nice and gentle with him. Right now, he beats the crap out of Moo Moo... but that's okay. Moo Moo's super patient and willing to be a punching bag, all while purring.

They've both gotten so big! I like the idea of them growing up together. Before the timing is right to have Baby #2, Moo Moo is the perfect little playmate for Kal and I'm so glad they have each other. :)

Zeus and Felix... ahhh, memories...

Felix used to think he was the man of the house! King of the castle.

Kal and his Moo Moo

Partners in crime...being sneaky together.

Double-teaming me!

Moo Moo likes Kal's Bumbo seat.

They fight. And sometimes Moo Moo wins. Lol.

Zeus & Moo Moo

Halloween 2011 - Kal's Mr. T costume... what an adorable toddler Mr. T! :)

Moo Moo almost didn't recognize him.

They share everything...

Even the cat's bed!


  1. OMGosh, I LOVE that you give them silly middle names! Meggie's full name is Megan Charles. :) Kal and his Moo Moo are so cute together! I think it's great that they can grow up together.

    PS--We're in the market for a kitten, if you know of any needing a home!

  2. @Anna - I'm so glad you ended up getting a kitten! I love my cats and they are the perfect little playmates for Kal right now, before he has siblings. I'm glad Moo Moo is so patient and lets Kal beat him up while Kal still doesn't understand what "being gentle" means. :)


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