Friday, May 4, 2012

Kal's 1st Birthday

Ok, so he's almost 14 months old now... but we did have a great birthday party for Kal when he turned 1!

We had a basketball-themed party, since that boy can throw a basketball back and forth with us for hours if we let him. We held it in the gym of our church where everyone could shoot baskets. We had a little goal set up for the kids too. And there was pizza, ice cream, and a basketball/superman themed cake. Yay!

He was iffy about the cake, because it was a new texture to him and I don't think he recognized it as food! But he carried a mushy, half-eaten piece of pizza around for a good minute, so I think overall he was pretty satisfied with the food choices.

His gifts were appreciated! People are so nice and generous. :) I helped Kal open all his gifts, and he liked exploring all the wrappers and bags. I put away the toys afterwards and since then I've been letting him play with a new one every once in awhile. I didn't want to overwhelm/spoil him with so many toys at once, so I've been spreading them out and only having a few things out at a time. He doesn't know the difference. Ha ha.

There were lots of kids there and I was so happy with all the people who showed up. :) It was so fun! Kal didn't know what was going on really, but he was just happy to have access to so many basketballs at once and a full court to explore. Plus he likes lots of people, so he got passed around to all our friends and everybody got to wish him a happy birthday. Everybody loves the little man. :)

The birthday boy. Still a crawler, but still manages to cover some ground.
I think one of the best parts about throwing parties is the fun cakes. I bought this cake, but in the future I want to try getting creative and making my own fancy cakes! Maybe next year.

It got a little smushed, but this was our Superman-Basketball themed cake!

Superman/Basketball cake plus a small "smash cake" just for Kal.

Kal looks so out of it in this pic! Too much excitement in one day. :)

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