Saturday, May 19, 2012

Our "Goodnight" Routine

 My boys. What cuties!

My absolute favorite part of our day starts about an hour before Kal's bedtime.

He gets super hyper and silly and is so much fun right around that time. We get out all our giggles. I like putting him in wrestling moves and then pinning him for the win - "One, two, three... ding ding ding! She won the belt! What an upset! Here we have it, folks! The new heavyweight champion of the world!" Ha ha ha. He squeals like I'm the funniest comedian ever. We crawl-chase each other back and forth all over the house and play peek-a-boo around corners. He beats up Moo Moo one last time for the day. I can just look at him funny and he goes into a giggling fit that leaves him breathless on the floor. Silly, silly boy.

Then I throw him in the tub. Bathing didn't used to be a daily occurrence, but I realized how much fun he had in the bath, so I just said why not? It didn't feel like a chore to me (just more playtime!), so I added it to the nightly routine. He has a blue rubber duckie that's his favorite. I tried to give him some little marine animal toys, like sharks and whatnot... and he panicked like he thought they were real and trying to get him. He pushed them all to one side of the tub and hustled his little butt to the other side and whined until I took them away. Ha ha. So, I'll stick with the squishy duckie with him for now. When he's done with bathtime, he unplugs the tub by himself. I just let him decide when he's done. He watches the water go down the drain and then I hold up a towel and say, "Stand up!" That's one of the things he understands now. He pulls himself up on the side of the tub and almost hops into my arms and does his excited leg-kicking thing.

I get out some footie pajamas (aren't those the best?) and he quietly watches me as I lotion him up. He's really tired when the hyperness is gone and he just quietly watches what's going on around him. I say, "Kisses!" and he opens his mouth super wide with lots of extra spit and plants one on me. I laugh and say, "Ew!" and he opens his mouth for another one. Ha ha.

Then I slowly take him around to every room in the house. I say "goodnight locks" and we lock the front door. "Good night Moo Moo, good night Zeus." He pets the kitties. I take him to all the light switches and I say, "Good night, living room..." and he turns off the light with one finger (he really intently tries to push the light switch down with one finger... it's so funny!) and we shut the door behind us. He likes pushing doors closed. "Good night, bathroom..." and he turns off the light. All the way to his room where he turns his own light off. I hold him and sing to him. If Zay's not working, this is when he comes in and we say a family prayer together. Zay gets to rock him a bit and talk to him. We put him in his crib. He immediately grabs his Elmo doll to squeeze his stomach. It says, "Elmo's so sleepy..." and music plays. I say, "Goodnight, Kal!" and close his door.

Not a peep. After that Elmo doll stops, I don't hear anything until 12 hours later when he's singing to himself in his crib and patiently sitting and playing with his stuffed animals until we come get him.

How in the world did we get so lucky with such an amazing sleeper? Only once when we were on vacation and he was sick did he get cranky about sleeping. Once. I can only hope and pray that a second child will be so easy.

And why should I ever complain about anything ... ever ... when I get to do this every night?? :)

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  1. Awww! I can just picture this. :) I love your little family.


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