Friday, May 11, 2012

Switching Roles

 Learning how to be a cowboy!

I am officially a stay-at-home mom! I quit my job about a month ago, kind of suddenly. It didn't make sense in a lot of ways, but it was just one of those things that when I knew it was the right thing to do, I had to just do it and have faith that everything would work out. I loved my job and I miss the friends I made there, but it wasn't for me anymore. I needed to be at home.

This is totally new to me and I'm still adjusting. It's funny, because I say that as if there will be a day when the "adjusting" stops... which will never be true, because Kal will keep getting older and will change, and hopefully more babies will come along and I'll have to adjust to that... Life doesn't slow down and I'll always be "adjusting" with it. So in that way, this is nothing new! Just life.

I won't say this is a permanent decision, well - because I like to change things up! I might go back and get my Master's for all I know. But for now, Zay needed to get out of the house and socialize with people other than a baby ( I think it was driving him nuts near the end there) and I was stressed with everything I was trying to pack into every day - I was not spending nearly enough time with Kal like I wanted to and was starting to feel really disconnected. So, now I have a lot more flexibility with my time and I feel like I'm so productive and I get a lot done! I honestly don't know how I got anything accomplished with 8 1/2 hour workdays and 2 hours of commuting everyday. Holy moly.

Some of my lovely lady friends on Facebook gave me some good advice about making the transition from working mom to stay-at-home mom. I loved the advice and I took it all to heart. I also know that I just have to do things my way and be me. So that's what I'm trying to figure out. What's me? And what does Kal like? I'm down to try all sorts of things and settle on things that fit us as a family, so I've been out doing what other mommies around here do and seeing what Kal & I enjoy the most. I'm loving the freedom to do whatever I want with my day. That's pretty awesome. We've been busy, busy, busy filling up our days with fun playtime, good food, socializing, and nature... and then winding down at night with bathtime and quietly talking about our day (me talking to Kal... and him babbling back to me). It's been great! My stress level is at an all-time low.

Reasons why I'm glad I worked first: Zay got an appreciation of what it takes to be a stay-at-home parent, so he does not/will not question why I'm so exhausted at the end of the day or ask me what I got done. And I understand what it's like to be a working parent, so I know that I can't just turn Kal over to Zay when he gets home and say "I'm off the clock"... he needs time to himself to unwind just like I did. I'm glad we experienced the other role so that now we can appreciate each other for what we contribute. Sweeeet.

What I love about being a stay-at-home mom so far: playtime with Kal! I get much more of this than I did before. He's like my little buddy who joins me for all my activities. And he's so chill... he likes to do anything that I want to do! I hope that doesn't change for a looooong time. Ha ha. Staying at home is also making me feel like I want to get creative, decorate my home, learn to cook a little better and more often, and clean random nooks and crannies. I could totally be a domestic diva. Lol.

I'm trying to make this house run smoothly. A clean home is a happy home. Food in the fridge and ready-to-eat makes a happy home. Time spent with family is a happy home. Associating with other moms - awesome! I have a whole new world of friends opened up to me by making this transition. While working, I had lots of guy friends or college-minded friends. But now I can associate with young moms and I'm loving it. I'm totally gonna dive right in and have fun with this new position. Ya know, until I'm ready for something new. :D

I even have thoughts of more babies! I can totally do this! Let's get this party started!

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