Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Latest Obsession: The "Lost" Series

We just barely finished watching "Lost" on Netflix and my mind has been going over and over and over all the details that never added up, all the questions that never got answered, all the confusion that was generated unnecessarily, the lack of continuity in key plot points and the style of story-telling... and... how much I LOVED THESE CHARACTERS and was so sad it was over!... Locke and Sawyer were my favorite characters. And Sayid! Charlie! Jin and Sun! Ahhhh!!! I love these people! I cried so much during the finale.

Despite the purpose of the show seemingly being to utterly confuse the heck out of the viewers and make us feel lost (during the course of the show there were flashbacks to before the plane crash, flashforwards to when they made it off the island temporarily, and flashsideways with two simultaneous but completely different storylines - one being they never crashed - as well as time travel that allowed for half the characters to be in one time and half in another... omg) - despite all that, I fell in love with the characters and I loved the things they learned over the series (I felt like I learned a lot with them) and I loved how the finale tied them together. They found each other again! *sniff, sniff*

Yeah, the writers were probably making up a bunch of stuff as they went along. Yeah, they were probably going to go in a different direction but decided to go another way during the last season. Yeah, they never explained the supernatural qualities of the island (time travel...? ability to heal...?) or of the people on it (talking with dead people...?). But... I loved it and every night that I got to stay up late with Zay watching episode after episode made me soooo happy and produced many "Alice squeals"... :)

Since I have Lost on the brain, here is a bunch of awesome Lost stuff:

A hilariously long list of questions that went unanswered. And this is not exhaustive. Holy cow, the questions could go on for days... "Unanswered Lost Questions" from

And here's a video with lengthy (satisfyingly detailed, sometimes joking, sometimes speculative) answers to those questions. Loved it! The fact that a very perceptive, interested viewer (me) still needed lengthy explanations for some of the plot points shows how random and confusing Lost got!!

The ending threw some people off because it was confusing as to the timeline of when people died. This video makes fun of that. Also, the Claire character with her ridiculously annoying accent went off the deep-end near the end of the show and Zay was always saying, "Oh my gosh - I hate her and her mouth!" So it was awesome that they make fun of her in this video. How Lost Should've Ended from

The Season 6 DVD includes an extra 12 minutes that explains some of the missing time period during the finale (when there was a new protector of the island). I think they need like a hundred more of these to explain all the missing bits and pieces, and some could argue this just introduces more questions, but it tied some things together in my mind and I'll take what I can get! "Lost Epilogue: A New Man in Charge":

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