Thursday, August 23, 2012

PCOS makes me "Uninsurable"


Ain't that some bull?

We had a really tough time getting health insurance coverage when we pursued adoption the first time around. Health insurance that you can quickly add a new dependent to was required as a part of being qualified to adopt a child. Neither one of us had a job that offered benefits. We turned to private health insurance and it was a nightmare trying to figure it all out and we were flat out denied repeatedly for various ridiculous reasons - one being my infertility.

Once I was diagnosed as having Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, I was labeled for the rest of my life with a pre-existing condition that would make it mighty difficult to ever be privately covered. Nevermind the fact that the only symptom of my PCOS that was worrisome was infertility. The inability to get pregnant! I should be a health insurance company's dream customer. I am in perfect health otherwise and I won't likely get pregnant. Why would that be a bad thing for them? How in the world does that label me as uninsurable?

Understandably, at the time I was applying for health insurance, I had recently been prescribed fertility drugs in an attempt to get pregnant. Which didn't work. And I stopped pursuing treatment. For some applications, I had to explain in detail how long I had been off fertility treatments and that I did not intend to pursue fertility treatments again (or in the next 12 months, or something to that effect). I had to sign things saying that I wouldn't be covered for anything PCOS-related, etc. I still didn't get approved and we were planning on applying for just Zay's coverage, and a bunch of problems crept up about that, when I got a job - yay!

I was lucky to find a great job with great benefits and the health insurance problem was solved for a couple of years. When I quit my job to stay home with Kal, transitioning from the health insurance I got through my job to private insurance has been kinda bumpy.

One, because the private health insurance carrier didn't like that Kal didn't have a SSN yet. Which I don't understand. He was covered under my employer's health insurance plan, so why shouldn't they accept him whether he has a SSN or not? We're paying you! Come on.

And two, because I have a condition that is completely uninsurable. Somehow, between the time that I applied before and when I applied after I quit my job... my condition went from being a normal pre-existing condition that companies didn't want to cover (and did everything they could to find a reason to deny me so they wouldn't have to) to a pre-existing condition that is uninsurable, period. I can't get private health insurance, even if I paid for a more expensive plan or I waited out some outrageously long exclusion period for PCOS-related things, etc. etc. etc.

We have a temporary solution in place while waiting for Kal's birth certificate/ SSN issue to be resolved, and a another temporary solution in place so that Zay will have coverage to add a dependent to when we decide to adopt a second baby. But in the long-term I don't know what we're going to have to do.

I hate the way health insurance is now. I'm not fully educated on "Obamacare" or know how things are likely going to play out with health insurance in America in the future. But I do know that it's screwed up now and a change would most likely benefit me.

I'm tired of the headache!! (for which I am not covered...!)

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