Thursday, August 2, 2012

Update on Birth Certificate Frustrations


I wrote about having a hard time getting a copy of Kal's birth certificate before.

The last thing I wrote about was that I contacted our lawyer and they said that it didn't surprise them that Georgia was taking months to send us the copies of his certificate that we ordered in February. So we were supposed to continue to wait... No need in ordering anymore, because we should be getting the ones we already ordered soon.

Well, we waited some more. That's all we've been doing is waiting. Checking the mail everyday. Nothing.

I called the lawyer again, because at that point in time we really wanted to buy a house... but it wasn't going to work out if we didn't have the money from our tax return to use as a down payment. And we couldn't get all the money back that we'd need for that down payment if we couldn't claim Kal (obviously necessary if we wanted a refund of our adoption expenses with the Adoption Tax Credit)... and we can't claim Kal without a SSN... which you can't get without a birth certificate. Can you see my frustration??Ahhh!

We tried to make the buying-a-house situation work a hundred different ways, and it just wouldn't happen if we didn't have that money for a down payment. Time went by and we decided against buying a house, for now.

But I was still way annoyed about the birth certificate, and I still wanted my tax return - even if we weren't going to use it to buy a house.

So I called and left messages for the lawyer... and they never got back to me. So, screw that! I decided you just can't trust people to do things for you. You gotta do them yourself. I had called the Georgia Vital Records Department before and never got an answer, but one day in June I was determined to get answers to the holdup. I called the number on the website and let it ring a hundred times - why don't they have a voicemail? I found another number on their website and tried it. A lady answered the phone and (sounding exasperated) asked me where I wanted to be transferred. Vital Records. They transferred me somewhere. Busy signal. I called again. Nobody answered. I went back and forth between the two numbers I had - ring, ring, ring... busy signal... busy signal... ring, ring, ring. Somebody finally answered after about an hour of that! They transferred me to another person. Voicemail. I left a message. I called again, and again, and again. Somebody's gonna dang well help me!!! I sent an email. I got an email back saying to send such-and-such amount of money if I wanted a copy of a birth certificate. I wrote back - no, I already paid! I called again. I let it ring a hundred times, literally. Somebody has to hear this dang phone ringing. COME ON! I imagined a lonely, ringing phone on a desk in the middle of a dark, empty office and everyone's in the breakroom eating cake and celebrating a coworker's birthday. Lol. Finally I got ahold of a lady and I told her my situation and when I mentioned adoption, she said, "Oh oh oh... I know somebody who knows about adoptions..." and she transferred me to another lady's voicemail. Big sigh. I left a message. This was about 4 hours of hardcore trying to get an answer to my question. So, I took a break and figured I did my best.

The next day, I got a call from the last lady I  had left a message for and she was really helpful about looking up what happened to the original birth certificate (nobody got it, so it was sent to Family Services). I didn't understand that much. Why didn't our agency get it? They are the ones who sent in the information to be put on the birth certificate, but they couldn't get a copy for us? I don't get it. And why were we told "something would be coming in the mail about it"?? I'll remember that next time. So I asked about the copies that were ordered back in February and she told me there were no orders at all for copies of his birth certificate. I'm like, "Are you sure? I paid my lawyer to do it and this was back in February." Nope, no orders. She said there were no open cases on Kal and that if I wanted copies, I could order it directly but it would take quite awhile to get through the system. FINE!!! So I ordered two copies and she told me to put her name on the envelope as well and she would see to it that it was expedited, since I had been waiting so long. I thanked her and sent off the money.

Now I'm waiting, still... for Kal's birth certificate to come in the mail. And I'm annoyed with my lawyer. And I'm hoping this lady really does what she says and speeds it up for us, but I'm not counting on it. Because I haven't been able to count on anybody thus far. Ahhhh!

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