Thursday, September 6, 2012

Temporary Babyproofing: Mommy Fail or Win?

There are a few places in the house that I haven't officially babyproofed, just because we'll be moving soon and I'll just have to take it all down and put it all back up in the new place. So, I've rigged up a few of the cabinets and doorways and whatnot in ways so that Kal stays safe, but on the outside they look ghetto! Ha! I don't care. Whatever works. I thought I was pretty clever. :P

Up until this point, he's been really timid when it comes to exploring the house and he doesn't get into things he shouldn't. He won't go past certain points or touch certain things, and stays in areas that he knows. But he's started to realize he can climb on top of things and open doors/drawers, etc., so he's been pushing those boundaries little by little. I can deter him pretty easily, though. Like with this:

He gets distracted with the fact that there's something on the door that he doesn't even bother trying to open it. Ha! Silly boy. He's just so chill, I wish I could explain how he is. Not an explorer. Yet. Our new place will have to be babyproofed for reals, though. His chill personality won't keep him out of things forever. Plus, the adoption agency likes to see that we've got that kind of thing in place. So, part of getting ready for adopting Baby #2 will be to get rid of the MacGyver-ed babyproofing and make some legit safety changes. That'll be one of my top priorities as soon as we move.


  1. I can't believe he's so chill. Russell isn't even 9 months old yet and he is already opening cupboard drawers and going from room to room! I think he may end up being crazy, just like his brother....

    1. @Anna - I saw how he was climbing stairs already!! Geez! He's a little boy on the go! Ha ha. How are you going to keep up??


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