Sunday, October 7, 2012

Meeting with the Infertility Specialist


A new requirement this time through the adoption process was to get a doctor to fill out a form about what infertility treatments we've sought, what were the results, what our chances are of conceiving, and whether he would recommend adoption from a medical standpoint.

Apparently there are so many prospective adoptive couples in comparison to how many children there are available to adopt that they want to prioritize couples with infertility over couples who could most likely have biological children. So, I guess in this situation it would be a good thing to be as infertile as possible, lol.

I looked up my old infertility specialist, tracked him down at a new clinic, and got him to fill it out. He actually remembered me - from over 3 years ago! That was the last time I saw him to get a refill on my infertility meds. It took a little work moving all my records and getting an appointment and refreshing him on our situation, but he sat down with me and talked over everything and laughed with me about some of the questions.

"'What are the chances of the couple conceiving?'...? Heck, I don't know!" Lol. I thought the same thing. Infertility is kind of an immeasurable thing. Unless you're sterile and you're at a 0% chance, it's kind of hard to pinpoint a percentage chance of conceiving, especially since we didn't get all the testing done that is out there now. Plus soooo many things can affect your fertility, both negatively and positively. And our chances of conceiving on fertility meds vs off fertility meds would be way different too. It's kind of all up in the air. We did plenty to "increase our chances" when we were trying, and I know more about fertility than any normal person should ever know, but there's no way to know how much you increased your chances.

Even with all that I know about fertility, pregnancy still seems like this magical thing that doesn't really happen unless the stars align perfectly and a miracle occurs (I'm starting to wonder if this whole "pregnancy" thing really even exists! Ha ha... Get out of here! A baby grew inside you?! Yeah right!)... and with 8 years of trying and 2 years of fertility meds, the stars haven't aligned yet. Sooooooo.... the chances are? *shrugs*

I was curious as to what he'd put, though. Based on our history and our test results, he said, "15%." Hmmmmm, interesting.

I told him how I had little to no desire to get pregnant at this point in time, even though I'm not doing anything to prevent it. But if I were to try again, I'd probably stick with him. He gave me a few percentage points higher than I'd have given myself, so he seems like an optimistic guy! I like that. Ha ha.

On a related note, I do not feel like I'm broken or need fixing. I like things the way they are. I am not searching for more ways to increase my fertility, so there's no need to tell me what worked for so-and-so. I am grateful for my infertility and I am through-the-roof excited about adoption! I also have no reason to think I couldn't get pregnant, despite the odds. I'm not stupid enough to think going without birth control forever will continue to prove fruitless, ha ha. If those stars ever did align, I would be shocked... but it would also be a "duh, you're not on birth control - what did you expect?" kind of moment. I'm living life in a "whatever happens, whenever it happens, it'll happen" kind of way. And I'd be happy no matter what.


  1. What a touching story. I have been dealing with infertility specialists for over 2 years now.You guys look like a great couple that needs to be blessed with a few children. Good luck with everything!

    1. Why, thank you! They definitely are a blessing and I'm excited to add another one to the bunch. :)


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