Thursday, November 22, 2012

Daddy and Son Bonding Time: Basketball

I have never seen a kid so in love with basketball. I don't think Zay could be more proud. Ha ha!

I mean, he will HOLLER at the top of his lungs when he sees a basketball. We'll go to a gym and he will gather all the hidden basketballs together. I'm like, "Where'd he get those?!" We'll go for a walk and he will spot the tiniest speck of a basketball in someone's backyard and point and holler until we see it too. It cracks me up!

Lots of Daddy-Son time is spent shooting baskets. Kal has a full court in his room! Ha ha. Two goals. He knew how to shoot before he could walk. It's amazing. At any point in the day we can say, "Shoot it!" and he shows us his shooting form. He makes jump shots. And he's got some power on him. He'll take your head off if you're not paying attention when he thinks it's time to throw.

This kid's gonna be a star. :)

The next Blake Griffin, maybe?

"That was clearly a lay-up opportunity." -- Alice Anne

At a basketball game. My two boys are mesmerized by the sport. Sigh.

Zay says he's training him for greatness. He's already doing situps and pushups on demand and when he gets ahold of our 5lb dumbbells, he'll carry them around the house. Crazy!

These were a liiiittle bit too heavy, haha. But he wanted to try anyway.

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