Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"100 Ways to Make Your Marriage Rock": Write Him Letters

I found the cutest blog recently! I'm always finding cute new blogs to read. :) Well, this one is by a lady named Kristen over at WeAreThatFamily.com.

At the risk of overusing the word CUTE, she has the cutest list of 100 things to do to "make your marriage rock." Zay & I are the definition of silliness and doing cute things for each other. Especially recently. I swear, we are a different couple than even 6 months ago. Ever since our 8th anniversary, some kinda spark has been set and we have just been overly crazy about each other. Too much information? Ha ha! My bad.

Zay & I at church. :)
Well, just for fun I thought I'd break down these ideas, do them one-by-one, and see if there's anything more I can be adding to my marriage. Some ideas are more serious than others (for example: "be accountable to each other" vs. "doodle his name"). Warning - some of these will be dicey to report on (for example: "fight naked"... ha ha ha!), so get ready for too much information! :)

First up on the list is "Write Him Letters."

Let me tell you, we've got this DOWN. Zay and I have kept a shared journal with each other since before we got married. I am an expert journaler (if there is such a thing!) and I like to spread the journal love. :)

Me, journaling away....
My best friend Sue & I used to write notes back and forth in middle school and high school and we eventually upgraded to a notebook that we would pass back and forth to each other in between classes. I kept these notebooks since we had tons of respect for privacy in my home, but not so much at hers. We had to keep all our gossip and secrets safe. :) Now I have all these notebooks that I go back through every once in awhile and laugh & laugh! We were so crazy.

Anyways, I started dating Zay when I was in high school, so I tried the same idea out on him. He wasn't much of a writer at first, but he'd write me adorable poems and draw me pictures in response to my pages and pages of letters to him. Ha ha. The pictures and poems were SO CUTE! I've kept them all, of course. I didn't want our "love letters" to fade out after we were married, so we still keep a journal. He'll take it to work with him some days. We'll write back and forth in Church. We draw pictures. We ask each other questions. Sometimes it's easier to say something in writing than out loud. Sometimes it's more fun to tease each other in writing than out loud. When we don't have our journal with us, we leave notes for each other... in the lunch we prepare for each other when we're on-the-go, on the TV before one of us leaves the house (where we know the other one will see it), or wherever. It's fun. :)

It's a supplement to our communication and I love it. Just today, I wanted to write him and I decided to write a list of everything I could think of that he did this week that deserved some praise from me. I just kept writing and writing. I couldn't believe how much I had to thank him for, and how few of the things on the list I'd actually opened my mouth and said the words "thank you" for. So he got to hear a huuuuge list of things I appreciated about him... from just the past week! He loved it, of course. I hate nagging or focusing on the negative - I'd much rather encourage the positive. So, I did that today. And it felt great. Brought us closer.

There's lots of creative ways you can write notes to each other (Google "creative love letter ideas"). A shared journal is normally how we do it and it's something I imagine we'll keep up for the rest of our lives. It's so much fun to go back and read about a particular time or event and hear what we were thinking and saying to each other!

Yay for making marriage rock! :)

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