Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Adoption: Character References

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"And this one time, they beat their kid in the grocery store. And this one time, they swore in church. And this one time, ....

We're waiting for our references to get their letters in the mail so they can answer a bunch of questions about us and say how awesome we are and that we would be great adoptive parents to a second child. :)

I remember this part of the process last time. I remember feeling so inadequate and pressured to conform to some vague idea of a perfect couple, with a perfect life, perfect careers, perfect everything. But I held out this small hope that everything was going to be fine and everything was going to work out perfectly despite my weaknesses and failings as a human being. And it did! I was blessed with the opportunity to be a mother of one. Now here's hoping I can be a mother of two!

I'm reminded of a Seinfeld episode. (There are so many moments in life when I am reminded of a Seinfeld episode!)

Elaine goes in to be a character reference for a couple of friends of hers who are trying to adopt a baby. Apparently this agency requires the references to come in for an interview rather than filling out some paperwork. Elaine is known for saying very, very stupid things. She ends up telling this completely unnecessary story about them and I don't think they end up getting approved. Ouch.

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