Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Adoption: Individual Interviews

Helping Mama with Christmas decorations. :)

The holidays made scheduling our individual adoption interviews difficult, but I did mine last week and Zay did his this morning! Yay!

The point of the interviews are to ask basically the same questions that we've already filled out on paper and online, but to come at the questions from a different angle. And to separate the couple and get to know each of us one-on-one. Sometimes issues can come out that way. I've heard that this is the point where wives are suddenly surprised to hear that their husbands have been struggling with porn addiction. Or husbands are suddenly surprised to learn that their wives were hiding eating disorders, etc. Isn't it crazy that couples can hide such things from each other?? Anyway, I guess I'm glad those kinds of things can come up and be addressed, but honestly I just wish people weren't so sucky and weak and riddled with problems. I used to have such a happy-go-lucky view on life (I don't know why - my childhood wasn't exactly carefree), but the older I get the more I realize people are messed up.

The agency wants to weed out the really messed up ones. And... we made the cut! Lol. Thank goodness we're normal. I'd even say we're above average, but maybe I'm biased. :)

So, NEXT STEPS: Create our online profile - pictures of us, answering "Get to Know You" questions, birthparent letter (that goes on the front page of our profile), child preferences and birth conditions we're willing to accept, contact information so potential birthparents can contact us, etc. This is all the fun stuff birthparents will read and make decisions based on. So, no pressure! Ha ha.

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