Friday, December 28, 2012

Creating our Adoption Profile

Playing in the snow with Kal and my nephew!

I have a tendency to overthink things. And get all worked up. And try to create something that is "perfect" (when that's impossible). So, to fight that urge... I copied and pasted most of our profile from the last time we went through the adoption process. And I randomly picked the pictures. Literally, I picked them randomly from a bunch of random folders on my computer. The first pictures I saw, boom boom boom - uploaded. Done. They may not be the best pictures or convey all of our interests and talents and show exactly "who we are" -- whatever that means. But, if I allow myself to over-analyze everything, it will be a nightmare. So I avoided that!

And, bonus! We got our profile done in record time! Caseworker says it looks great. If I want to tweak it later, I can. But I'm just gonna agree with the caseworker and say it looks great! DONE.

We also filled out our "preferences." Yay. Done, done, done.

SO, NEXT STEP: Set up our home visit where the caseworker gets to case the joint and make sure our home is a safe place for a child. I have begun the fun task of scrubbing and babyproofing this place from top to bottom and making it look presentable (or at least decent). Yay! After this "inspection," there isn't much else to do except make sure everything's in place (no paperwork overlooked) and then approval comes soon after that!

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